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  • CohoQuad ·
    Not sure if my PM's are going through properly. I would like to purchase. Please email dansrivera at gmail dot com or text/call six one seven eight three eight nine eight five zero
    azALFAowl ·
    Back in 24Nov08 (how time flys) you mentioned trying an in-line filter in the oil return line of the OVS. Did you ever get around to doing this or come up with another solution to keep the junk from the OVS from draining into the crankcase?anks Paul
    alfaman ·
    thanks...hopefully when I asked centerline about it, they stated they had no problems with fit....we'll see when I get it....i'll try to figure it out and weld it myself...maybe using the old units bracket angle
    alfaman ·
    hi..just bought oe507 stinger exhaust for my 69 spider...was wondering about the mounting bracket you had trouble with...can you give me some tips?
    thanks, rick
    Alfafesta ·
    Bruce, I bent up my front fender and broke the driver side glass. Who do you know who can fix my car..?

    Ross 512-413-8137
    MidlifeGTV ·
    Hello Bruce, I noticed that you installed a nice vintage Becker. I am in the process of doing the same thing I my 73 GTV. Any advice?
    [email protected] is a better way to contact me if you so choose.
    My dilemma is that it will turn into a bigger project due to the fact that I will have to refinish the wood veneer(sun bleached), replace the silver trim, the new radio will require different mounting and a place for the amp, etc.
    All stuff I can handle but just want to do my due diligence before I "crack on"
    Zinhead ·

    I am interested in the stepnose Alfa you have for sale. Can you call me tommorrow at 312.342.1899 to discuss? Thanks.

    George Collins
    Shreda ·
    hi im jake from the gold coast in austraila, i own a 1980 mk2 ford escort, was just wondering if you could help me out? im having trouble with my dellorto carburetors.they are a pair of DHLA 40 H, the problem is that around 2000rpm and 2500rpm there is dead spot and just not running right.
    the engine they are on is a 2000cc ford pinto with a mild cam shaft. i understand that the carbs are the emission type of DHLA and work in a different way, the settings i have on them at the moment are

    main jets - 145
    emulsion tubes - 7772.11
    air correction jets - 210
    idle jets - 55
    chokes - not sure
    idle holders - not sure

    i thought that replacing the emulsion tubes from .11 to .5i think that would be the case if there were a set of standard DHLA 40s. if you have any ideas to replace any certain part to make them run smoothly or even the heads up that i wont be able to use these carbs for this application please like me no! i cant find anyone with info on these carbs

    thanks jake
    Federico II ·
    Dear Mr. Anfanuts,

    We are a group of students of the University of Naples "Federico II",
    master in Marketing & Service Management, and we are dealing with a case
    study on the brand features of the Alfa Romeo cars. So we are looking
    for someone who knows the essential characteristics and the history of
    the Alfa Romeo. And we would need a group of opinion leaders to
    interview until the final examination that we shall do by the end of
    next month. If you're available for a short interview about this
    classwork please answer to us as soon as possible so as to plan the
    interview in your favourite way online.

    Best regards,

    Carlo Ascione
    Daniela Sigillo
    Giovanni Pone

    Please answer us to our mail:
    [email protected]
    tom shewchuk ·
    Hi Bruce,
    Thanks for the advice on the air cleaner straps. I had a pair of too long 131mm straps in good condition. I just measured them out, took a pair of pliers, and made the raised part of the strap for the latch to fit into. Definitely driver quality straps, but they look really good.
    cgalves ·
    If you still have the star wheel, and the shipping is no more then $15.00 Total $200.00 to New Jersey 07946, send me your email and I will Paypal it to you. Thanks Carlos Alves
    Biggs ·
    Hey there, Chad here. Thanks for the response on my question. So I am interested in hearing how you did your conversion. My long term plan is a updated 2L in this, but for now I really just want to get the brakes operational so I can do a rolling resto. My email is [email protected] Thanks for any and all direction. Chad
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