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  • theowinstone ·
    Hi there
    I saw your post with the old Alfa 8C tool. I wish I had seen it before it had sold. I collect Alfa and Ferrari tools. Do you know if the man who had this tool might have any Ferrari tools available for sale?
    Kind regards
    Tom Frasca ·
    Thanks, Andrew,

    Got them very nice indeed, If there is anything I can ever help you with please reach out.

    Velocess ·
    Hey Andrew, I didn't see my Giulia Super listed on the registry website, not sure what happen...

    I have the white '67 with "ALFINA" plates. Thanks, Tony Galletta
    John Ireland ·
    Hello. Just curious how to close a thread I started. It has wandered far off topic and many of the discussions would be better read if they were under their own thread. I really enjoy it here. Thank you for your work.
    John Ireland
    ps - the Thread is "3 1/2 weeks in my new Giulia"
    alfatrym ·
    Hello Andrew , please let me know if the starter motor sale with Chevy dosent work out. I'm in need of one too !
    Regards Trym
    joegt3cup ·
    Andrew so today I was poking around regarding F12's and saw your story about your soooo what ever became of it, inquiring minds want to know ?

    quattroporte ·
    Hey Andrew, my name is Al Pezzella, I have a 1972 giulia super 1600 and I just noticed that my NJ registration does not include my Vin#, not sure why as when I registered it I did a pencil tracing. Anyway I had the engine compartment repainted and it's difficult to make out the Vin, it seems to be 1981156, the car is whithe bianco spino with blue cloth interior, if you have any data base could you please confirm. Also I was thinking of doing a color change for interior but keep original if I could find another set of seats. I like the seats that roll at top with cargo in rear, not sure if they where for berlina or if they where also used in giulias.
    Thanks for your help.
    ganunez ·
    Hi, Andrew,
    Want to rebuild engine over Christmas but not sure who would be your choice for parts.
    Piston/ cylinders, Hastings rings, bearings, etc.
    Thanks for any tips
    George N
    Dr.G ·
    Andrew, I broke a base on one of my babies, do you think the new owner would like to sell a leftie?
    59alfa ·
    There was a parts for sale posting with a title something like "750 Sprint door handles" within the past couple of weeks/month. It included several NOS 750 exterior door handles w/ keys, and a NOS trunk lock and key for a spider. I have gone back over the site several times trying to locate without any success.
    Is it possible that this posting was removed? Or am I just being incompetent in not being able to find it?
    Cheers, David
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