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  • Spaz ·
    Sorry to bother you but some time ago you posted on speedometer output gear configurations. I am looking for an 18 tooth output gear. Presumably off a Berlina. I bought my gtv in parts and the trans helical doesn't match the 13 tooth output that was given to me. Thanks. Richard. Calgary
    Fred Della Noce ·
    Dear Sir or Madam,
    Some time ago I have answered some questions which you had about racing Alfa Romeo's in Brazil.
    As I currently own three of them (2 GTA's and 1 GTAm), I have commissioned a Brazilian journalist to do a compilation of all the Alfa's raced in Brazil between 1966 and 1972 as this was the only time period that I was interested in.
    The compilation is very complete and shows the FIA Annex J rulebook,a profile of Piero Gancia which was the exclusive Alfa Romeo importer for Brazil, which owned the Jolly Gancia racing team at the time, and all race results of my three cars including every single picture of the Alfas published in the 2 main race car magazines (Quatro Rodas and Autoesporte) during this 6-year period.
    I have authorized this journalist to sell the compilation CD. His name is Luiz Alberto Pandini and I have indicated to him to place an ad in every Alfa Romeo forum.
    The content of this research should clarify all doubts that you may have.
    Shadow ·
    Do you still have the power Vitaloni mirrors available? Possible photo of them as well?
    Car will be coming out of the shop for me to do my work (suspension, electrical, etc.) before sending her back to the shop for the final paint and engine installation. Looking forward to getting her on the road in time to enjoy summer and the leaves turning up in Northern New Mexico and Colorado. The mountain roads are calling me.
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