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  • Roadster78 ·
    After reading the trouble shooting in the manual it said that the surging could be caused by a faulty voltage regulator and or alternator. After replacing alternator and regulator the surging was even worse. now some of the surges actually stop the engine. The Bat light on the dash is on dime at idle speed and goes out when Rpm is increased. At the same time the volt meter increases to nearly 16 volts. In my frustration I had to move away from the project for a few days and try to figure out a solution to the problem. I was hoping to get your thoughts on this as you are considered by many to be an expert with the 164. You have helped to solved problems with this car before, and any input from you would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Mike
    Roadster78 ·
    Hi Steve, Im having electrical problems with my "92 164". I was hoping you could help me out with some advice. I parked the car about 2 months ago because it was over do for the timing belt to be replaced. A couple weeks ago I finally got around to replacing the T belt. When I started the car to bring it into the garage to do the work it was rough running and surging. I thought , Ok its time for a full tune up. So, I replaced the T belt, and distributor cap and rotor along with the spark plugs ,and spark plug wires. After finishing this work when I drove the car there was still surging going on, and I noticed that when engine would surge that the tachometer, and the volt gauge on the dash would drop with each surge.
    alfettaparts2 ·
    Hi Steve sorry to bother you however I know you are a long time bb member. I'm looking for a alfetta gtv rh door handle (you may have seen my post). A bb member stefmiesterb has one for sale. Do you know this bb member as I cant recall any interaction with this user name. Any help appreciated....thanks Dean
    Milanoguy ·
    24V 164 Engine lift Brackets

    Hi Steve

    Looking for the lift brackets for the 24V V6. Do you have a set you would like to sell or rent? I'm dismantling a 24V 164. The engine will be coming apart after it comes out, so I could get these back to you relatively quickly.

    161qv ·
    Hi Steve,
    Have a switch that i found but I would like a new one part number#60569340
    would you have one or recommend a shop that may have one
    cheers mate

    Shane Siviour
    GTV67 ·
    <....The rest of that last message...>
    I was thinking about you today as I read through your threads and contributions on 24V timing, tensioning etc. I have 2 engines, both out of the car. One is completely torn down with various bits at the machine shop. The other is together and on the engine stand and I was trying to use it to teach myself how to time it before I remove the TB - I have the cam blocks, but no other tools. The cam timing at TDC is way off on 3 of 4 cams, but seemingly by less than one TB tooth.
    Anyway, i believe someone has cut keys into the cam pulley shafts, therefore the proper method of loosening the pulleys and allowing the camblocks to lock the cam lobe correctly....that doesn't work. Therefore more tear down required. I cut the belt off and will go at it when I get back from a week in Europe.

    Thanks again, best
    GTV67 ·
    wow, Steve - I only just saw this - I'm so sorry to not have replied earlier, very rude of me but for some reason I don't get notifications for "Visitor Messages", not sure why.
    Thanks very much for your offer. Jason did find me an alu bracket and i made a "pentagonal" rubber bushing from a sheet of 1/8" reinforced rubber from Mcmaster - the rack is back on the car now - but the engine is out so it will be a while before I learn how well it worked.
    <...more in separate message since I went over the word limit...>
    Thanks for all your help and detailed instructions - incredibly useful. Sorry again for not seeing your message earlier.
    scatlin ·
    Hey Steve,

    Let me know how much you'd like for those seat mounting bolts and I can send you funds through Paypal. Thanks!

    - Scott
    multicam ·
    Hi Steve,

    That upper hose from the Weber "carb" body to the tank looks OK but will need to cut it.

    I have a extra intermediate hose but it always good to have a back up.

    How much to you want for them or if you need something that I may have we can trade.


    I wonder if Gates make any short hoses that will fit, although non metric.


    AlfafaninNY ·
    Hi Steve,
    Would you mind giving me an appraisal for the detensioners I have listed ? Just so I have an idea what is fair . Even if you are not interested in buying them. I appreciate it.

    Joe C
    OklahomaAlfa164 ·
    Did you have the specs on the body work? I have a 164 with some minor front-end damage from a 5 mph "fender bender" in an ice storm. The front crossmember/bumper in front of the radiator is pushed back far enough that there is no space between the bumper and the radiator (or very little space) and the passenger's side headlight frame is bent to point upward. I'm going to get it all straightened out but I need some measurements to send with it to the body shop.
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