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  • Epp ·
    Hi Greig,

    Paul Epperson in St.Louis here. A year or so ago I had requested your write up on the three shoe brakes, but I didnt have enough posts to send you a pm. I have since finished most all of the other mechanical issues and will return to the brakes this fall. I am in hopes you can send me the write up on the process.
    I am making a tool somewhat similar to the alfa tool to check travel and shoe angel.
    [email protected]
    squirrelman1 ·
    would you consider buying/importing my '63 1600 101 spider from the USA ? good example, minimal rust, engine apart but complete.

    stored since 1983, engine froze up. i don't have the money to rebuild.
    dea ·
    Ciao,I'm Luca from Italy. Have you still for sale the screw-on pawl for early Borg-Warner gear box ?
    Please,let me know asap.
    Thank you so much,Luca.
    sfourza ·
    Thanks for the color info. I'm looking for a dark blue (not "Celeste" or French blue) that would have been used on a 1960 101 series Giulietta sprint. I'd love to see a photo of a sprint in this color.
    My email is: [email protected]
    Chris D ·
    AR 1315 40298 - according to Fussi it went in a 1956 Spider D

    Ar 1315 44364 - 58 Spider

    AR 1315 013268 - 59 Sprints

    AR 1315 013488 ""

    Built 1400 > 1315 011944 is also a 59 Sprint.

    Chris 585 330 5456
    jhereijgers ·
    Hi Greig - i am rebuilding 3 shoe brakes at themoment. On the forum I saw your comments. Can you send me instructions on how to best set them up?

    utawl ·

    I also live in South Africa, currently in St Francis on holiday. I Fly back to PTA with SAA tomorrow Friday. Is it possible to call you.

    phila3885 ·
    Hi Greig-
    I would also very much like a set of the upper luggage strap trim pieces (ovals) when you get done. Phil (in Los Angeles)
    Womo ·
    Hi Greig

    I'm restoring the 62 Giulia Sprint. I have a couple of questions. I have a guy making up a crank, pistons, rods and flywheel for me for a good price. Very reputable manufacturer. He wants technical drawings for the flywheel. I could just send him my flywheel but I thought it would be easier to track down the specifications. Secondly what clutch do most people use? On all the supplier sites I look at its either replacement parts or Tilton racing clutches which need some degree of modification. In Australia I can also by an OS Giken clutch as well but they come with a flywheel.

    On another note are the 105 series crank caps interchangeable with the 101 1600? Are the journal sizes the same? Similar question with 105 camshafts. The reason I'm asking is that I have some missing crank caps, cam caps and cams as I've mentioned previously and I have access to a 105 1600 head.

    Thanks for any advice you can provide.


    JohnS ·
    Hi Greig. Thanks for your help with this, of all things to lose. I assume you have the correct long "snout" version. Do you also have the base? If so and if you are prepared to sell it to me, how much do you want for it?

    Thanks and regards
    HistoryBuff ·
    Thank you for your good answer on the SS alloy cars on the forum. May I send you what I wrote on the Sprint Speciale? Also can I have your last name so I can quote you on the production numbers of the alloy bodied cars? I would rather write you care of your personal e-mail if I may.
    Wallace Wyss, historian [email protected]
    mornevv ·
    Hey there, I'm looking for an Alfa club in Port Elizabeth - I've just bought myself a GT Junior and plan to restore it in the coming months... Super excited!
    putize ·
    I forgot to mention in my last e-mail to you with the parts list, that your maroon-colored Giulietta is splendid! It rang a bell to me, when 20-25 years ago, here in Athens, there was one, completely alike to yours, same color and RHD!!! Very rare for Athens!
    Hope to have news from you soon.
    putize ·
    Hi Grieg,
    Thank you for your call.
    My e-mail is : [email protected]
    Send me an introductory e-mail and I can then send you images of my parts and asking prices.
    I am diminishing my 101 Serie III parts collection, since I sold my last T.I of 1962 and deeply involved with 105 Series sedans AR everafter...
    Anyway, my '62 T.I was my eternal mistress...! Unfortunately, she went into stupid hands...I will never forgive myself for this!
    Looking forward to your e-mail,
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