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  • ecohen2 ·
    Hey Jason,

    A while back you responded to my question about CSC Time and I greatly appreciated that. Since that time I have gone around in circles with Katia claiming that she shipped something and then didn't. The latest is that she sent me a shipping label, but when I check of course nothing has been shipped. I finally got frustrated enough that I looked for an alternative way to recoup my cost. I managed to buy CSC TIME - CSC Time and CSC TIME - CSC Time. I suspect CSC either never registered them or let them expire. My plan is to sell them to a competitor or someone who sells performance exhaust systems. My preference is still just to get CSC to honor the warranty and send me a replacement.

    Any more words of advice on how to deal with them would be greatly appreciated..

    Bronco Joe ·
    hello, i responded to your reply on my bushings question but I've been having lots of issues with the site recently and have had to come up with new passwords on multiple occasions, i don't have much faith that my replies are getting sent as I've reached out recently to RobNH who replied himself after a lengthy delay and he's not responded to my recent message yet either. Not sure if he's just busy or what, but after you replied so promptly on my first e-mail and then I've not heard from you, i got concerned. Just wanted there to be an awareness that I had responded and wasn't ignoring your detailed answer to my question
    arq164 ·
    Hello Alfssimo,
    That’s a very nice white 164 you have mate
    Do you have any mods on you car or Do you like
    It standard?
    CoronadoAlfa ·
    HI Jason - dont know if email or this is better to reach you - hit your website last week re AL radiator for the 94 LS. Talk to me about a chip for my LS with Q runners and GTA cams...feel like I should go with a GTA chip versus 164QV? BUT dont know about compatibility with the ECU version...or should I change out the ECU for a GTA one?

    With this increase in bhp I wonder if stock calipers are enough - what pads do you run? Im not happy with the pads in the centerline brake kit...

    Also, due to a rear collision Im look to acquire another LS - 94 manual. Anyone in your sphere come to mind?

    Max Pershyn ·
    Hi Jason,
    I found your old post that Alfa Romeo Inc can help to find key code by VIN.
    The company telephone number is not in service.
    Probably you have a contact of Alfa Romeo Inc.

    I really appreciate your help

    Thank you,
    Alfissimo Int. ·

    Just take your time and let me know? I cannot guarantee they will still be here but if not I can still supply it. I have lots of connections for more. Let me know?
    Tetteh ·
    I am interested Jason, sorry I am just replying, I just saw your reply. I work in Chicago so I shuttle between Md and Chicago and I am always beat over the weekend. Once my project ends, I will be placing the order for the bumpers with you. It might be in another month or so.
    Tetteh ·
    Hi Jason,

    Do you remember our conversation from a year ago? I had asked about front and rear bumpers from an S because I want to turn my LS into a Q. I would like to know how much the front and rear bumpers/ bumper covers with the side cladding cost and if you have it available? (I remember that you had suggested I go with a 92/93 model. I already have the S side valences so I won't be needing that.) Also, do you have one of these.... and also a used 94 or 95 radiator? How much would those cost?

    Thanks Jason!
    Tetteh ·
    So the S and the Q bumpers are different? Shoot. I have never seen Q bumper covers advertised but I have seen S bumper covers advertised.
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