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  • Pinoli ·
    I swapped drive shafts with a new OKP and it did the trick. Not the easiest job laying under the car. But it is done. Thanks for the tip. Dave
    73montreal ·
    Hi Fred. I sent you an email. Unfortunately I can't leave before the 29th. I will catch up to you though. If you could let me know what date do you expect to get to LA and approximately how many miles a day you are planning to drive, I can plan my catch up!!

    mjlang ·
    Hi Fred,

    Happy New Year. I'm sending my Jr. to the paint booth in a few weeks so progress is happening. I have a question about the coolant tank. Mine is missing; can you take a pic or two with your cell phone and send them to me? 858.733.0621 I also need the measurements of the front marker lights relative to the top and front of the fender. I have the square holes made by the previous owner patched and need to drill the new holes for the lights.
    I'll be in Islandia at the end of February; I'd love to stop by again if you have time.

    ecdysiast ·

    I'm shipping a Giuletta back home from Italy and would really appreciate tapping your knowledge. The car could be shipped from Livorno RO/RO but I have been thinking of taking the auto train to Hamburg and then shipping from either Bremerhaven or Amsterdam. I have been quoted about $1700 including all port costs in Livorno for RO-RO shipment to Baltimore, and have never seen a number as low as the 850 Euros you have obtained from Amsterdam. I think I would prefer the lines that service northern Europe to those that service the south and Mediterranean. How can I get a quote of the same order as yours?


    robtechno ·
    Hey Fred,
    Just take a look at the Miller or Lincoln welding sites.
    There you can see what a weak welding does and how a good welding
    looks like. It's worth the effort.
    Alfiat ·
    After reading the bb for a while I was thinking I could probably do it myself. Any tips? Where do I get good quality connectors, how do I solder them on? Is there a way to clean/refresh the wires without replacing them?
    papajam ·
    Hi Fred,
    I've restored/refreshed harnesses only for my own Alfas; not as a service for others. But I could help you with yours if you'd like. :)
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