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  • Trevlac217 ·
    My 'Fetta doesn't cause me any discomfort like my '87 Volvo did. I have to disagree with pedal placement too. In my Datsuns it is a real stretch to heel-toe the downshift, but with the 'Fetta, I can just roll my right foot for the blip. Sure, sometimes I hit the accel unintentionally sometimes, but I can live with that.

    RYP: I'm a fan of the bumperless look as well. I don't have much of a choice, because the only additional parts that came with the car were misc. gaskets and a set of 13" RONALs. I'm running 14s on it now.
    enri ·
    cia, Alfa's cause me to have chiropratctic problems with the far reaching gearshift, heavy steering and tight offset pedals and seating position, low seat and roof clearence entry etc ect... with a Sud i have to actually operate the pedals withe the side of my feet because they are so small and close together
    how about you?
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