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  • doorslam ·
    Hi Richard, thanks so much for your reply. Yes I can assess the liners etc. Will the dip stick on the other side pose a problem. Any ideas how much crank drilling would cost?

    My engine.....sigh. The only thing I did not replace was the oil pump. Everything else yes including carillo rods. Head also completely done. I pulled the pans off and found sworf through the motor. Further inspection found this had run bearings,scoured liners and damaged rings and pistons I took it back to the reconditioner who said it was caused by a failed pump. I'm not entirely sure as I had excellent oil pressure hot and cold but I cannot disprove it.
    Because I reconed the engine 4 years ago and have only just finished car I figured I would not have a leg to stand on. I'm trying to do a cheap fix up so I can still use the car. Will look at doing the engine again at the end of the year
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