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    I found this message about wanting to know about oil pumps. Yes the later oil pumps (at least the ones from Alfa) were high volume pumps. The pump gears are taller than the regular oil pumps. In addition, the pump I have is factory Alfa, and it is a high voulme pump. Have a nice day!
    Aquino(FR) ·
    Interested in a piece of sheet off the Alfa Romeo GTV if your willing to ship to me. It would be the section right underneath the bumper on the drivers side.
    giulia_veloce ·
    Hi there Bob

    Great to hear from you.
    Yes,only 1 left
    Would be expensive to send it to you via post from Sydney Australia.
    Last ones sold for $250 Aust dollars posted.
    I only have 1,so maybe you would get a better deal from over there for 4 of them.
    A very hard to get item,,,so keep looking around.
    i dont blame you for not purchasing 1 from me.

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