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  • andylarry ·
    Thanks for replying to my 115 rear differential spider gears thread.
    To begin, do you know if the gears are the same between 115 diffs and 116 diffs?
    Thanks, Andy
    adamreed31 ·
    Greetings Richard I hope you are healthy and well as we push into 2018.

    We have spoken intermittently but don't expect you to remember me clearly for it has been so long...

    Have always respected your experience and passion with the Alfa's-

    quick question for I cannot find it digging around- how much gear oil did you recommend to us on the forums some time ago for refill to prevent over-fill?

    Thanks so much,

    JB750E ·
    Hi Richard,

    Thank you for your assistance regarding my transmission.

    I have counted the input gears and it is as you predicted 23/30 – and the fifth gear ratio is 0.79

    Kind regards
    John Bach
    Cort Musgrave ·
    Mr Jemison, my name is Cort Musgrave and I heard that you are the Alfa Romeo guru in the area. I recently moved from Louisiana to the Perdido area of Pensacola and would like to meet you after we get settled in our house. I have belonged to the British Car Club of New Orleans since 1993 but have been passionate about Alfa Romeo forever. My 2nd car when I was 19 was a 1976 Alfetta GT that I restored while working at Veloce Motors in New Orleans. I would love to get another GTV6 and an currently working on my wife to that end. I look forward to talking to you soon.
    hugomac ·
    Part 3
    I will also be rebuilding my 40DCOE32 Weber Carbies and
    would like to get porting work including around the valve seats etc done by Vin Sharp at PACE Engineering in Melbourne you might have heard of him he builds race motors.
    As i have already bought the Cams from Alfaholics and can't return them will they be acceptable? I'm after a very good street motor that pulls from 3000rpm to 6500-7000rpm and not to peaky so drivable. What do you think about the 2mm larger liners and the JE Pistons?
    Have you had much experience with the Total Seal rings?
    Let me know your thoughts and especially how the porting should be done.
    I'm also looking at the Alfaholics headers (extractors) and Stainless steel exhaust.
    Maybe you know of better options so would be happy to follow your lead.
    What BHP should i be getting at the rear wheels from a very good street motor with these specs?
    Have you tried these larger liners before?


    Hugh McGregor
    hugomac ·
    Part 2
    Piston Liner Set 1750 82mm 10.5:1 1750 2mm Overbore Kit 1779-1870cc - Spruell Motorsport, Inc - Your Store for Sports Car Performance and Racing Parts
    which includes new liners and JE Pistons
    light weight pins
    Total seal rings

    i will also be buying this from Alfaholics
    Main Bearings
    Big End Bearings
    Rear Main seal
    Front crankshaft oil seal
    Full Gasket set - minus head gasket
    Top Timing chain
    Bottom timing chain
    hugomac ·
    Hi Richard,

    I have been reading all your posts and have been very impressed with your invaluable insight and experience on Alfa motors so i thought i might let you know what i have bought for my 1750 engine and then hear what you think i should change or how i should go about it before i start the build.

    These are the items i have bought for my Head.
    Alfaholics P07/P08 Camshafts (280 degrees 11mm on the exhaust, 290 degrees 11.5 mm on the inlet)
    Kent Racing valve springs
    Aluminium Carburettor Mounts - Short
    Inlet & Exhaust valve guides
    valve guide seals

    I am looking at buying this in the next few weeks
    Piston Liner Set 1750 82mm 10.5:1 1750 2mm Overbore Kit 1779-1870cc
    Piston Liner Set 1750 82mm 10.5:1 1750 2mm Overbore Kit 1779-1870cc - Spruell Motorsport, Inc - Your Store for Sports Car Performance and Racing Parts
    alfettaparts2 ·
    Hi RJ. What do you make of these camshafts?

    What do you charge for a set of your camshafts?

    I have a few cars with different states of tune however I'm looking for cams for my alfetta. Stock engine, high comp pistons, 45mm carbs, extractors.

    Alfa Romeo camshafts (pair) Nitrided Steel Billet (Pittatore grind 77)
    spicaman ·
    Hello Alfar7,
    i heard you're the man to talk to when it comes to eurocam/spica. i have an 81 alfa spider 2000 us spec and want to upgrade to eurocams for better torque but my mechanic said that the car will run rougher because of the spica.
    Is this true? and if so should i even bother? and my mechanic also says that i need to change both exhaust and intake cams but i have read otherwise. Please shine some light on my situation.
    IndySpider ·

    I understand that you have done some work on Alfa transmissions. I have a '91 Spider that is stuck in 3rd gear. Lever is immobile. It happened when I got in my car, started it and tried to get it in reverse to back out of the garage. It didn't immediately go into reverse so I moved the shifter around a bit and suddenly it was stuck in 3rd. The clutch is fine - when I depress it the car rolls easily. I have tried rocking the car. I have tried driving it a bit in 3rd to see if I could shift. I assume it is in the linkage but me assuming anything related to a transmission is dangerous. Do you have guys just crate up transmissions and send them to you?

    The Spider has a bout 90k on it and has never had any transmission problems to my knowledge. I have only owned it about a year and the tranny has been quite smooth since day one.

    Thanks in advance.

    61SS ·
    I saw a recent post where you indicated you had a Duetto hood/engine cover/bonnet for sale. Is it still available?


    robmoser ·
    I am in the process of a teardown / rebuild of an 1991 Alfa S4 Spider.

    The problem was the the head. I had replaced it and was still blowing past the water / oil barrier. That made me wonder about the bearings in the bottom end, even though the engine only has about 76k on it.

    I'm trying to decide if I should break it apart, or have an Alfa pro do it.

    The only guy left in the Dallas area I know if still working on these marvelous machines is Robert Rogers at Shade Tree Enginetrics, not sure of his reputation- Only that he's been at it since 1981...

    If I break it myself, is there any specific things I should pay attention to? I'll read blogs to remember how to measure and select valve shims.

    Hopefully the block deck isn't warped

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated, and it's good to see there are some folks who have assumed the mantle once held by our greats like Don Black and of course, Pat Braden.

    Robert Moser
    [email protected]
    1 more spyder ·
    Your name came up when I posted a transmission query earlier today. Ed Prytherch messaged that you have experienced a loss of 3rd and 4th gear with no warning. My 76 spider shifts as normal into 1st and 2nd but engages nothing. No noise no resistance, nada. 3rd 4th and 5th are normal. Reverse is also not affected. I have the tower open and I don't see anything amiss. Any experience you've had would be helpful.

    Highest Regards, Darrell
    thechadzone ·
    Hi Richard,I was just reading about your experience with modified plenums for the Milano:"The Plenum is much in need of cleaning up the interior surfaces to improve flow from the TB to all the inlets.
    The front side of the plenum behind the TB needs lots of metal removed to round and smooth flow to the forward part of the plenum. This commonly requires welding to fill voids when done correctly. As well the front of the plentum should be split along its sides and bent up about 3/4 inch to increase the capacity and volumn then welded back with aluminum sheet filler.
    Makes enormous difference." - Do you offer such a plenum modification service, and if so what performance gains can be had at what (financial) price? If there are more gains to be had with the modified plenum than there are from an upgraded intake, and the price is somewhat similar, I'd be interested in some good old fashioned (these days) engine building.

    Thanks in advance for your response,
    - Chad C.
    DT62370 ·
    Quote for Cams

    Dear Richard.
    From hours reading the various topics on Alfabb, it obvious
    your cams are probably the best one can buy.
    I'm doing an 2 liter 105 engine rebuild, and budget wont allow for Carillo rods
    or equivalent, hence stock con rods, thereby also dictating max RPM
    below 7000.
    Target is fast road car with CR around 10.5 and flowed head with 46/38 mm valves
    + optimized exh. header/system. Both 40 or 45 mm Webers are at hand.

    Which of your cam sets will you recommend and what is price and delivery time?
    Couldn't find it on your webpage.

    All the best
    Thomas Petersen
    velocedoc ·
    I sent the guy interested in the manifold trade and he said he already had one. He was looking for a 101 with the screw on block on the rear is what I think he said. I can send pictures if you give me an address. It is boxed and ready to go.
    Dave Brengle ·
    Hello RJ,
    Gordon pointed me in your direction. I have a 101 1600 spider race car that I'm restoring to go vintage racing. The car has a long and interesting history that I would like to share with you at some point. I am trying to figure out what to do about a transmission. Back in the 60's the car had an Alfa C/R trans with 2.54, 1.7, 1.26, 1.0, .85 ratios. That trans is long gone.

    I do have a 105 stock tranny out of a 66 duetto, another 105 5-speed with a 3-bolt starter and hydraulic bell housing, a 101 5-speed out of a 1300 spider, and a 101 4 speed out of a 1300 spider, plus various other gears and parts that I don't know how to identify.

    I read your postings about building c/r gear sets from 101/105 4 and 5 spd parts. Any advice on how to proceed.

    Thanks for your assistance
    Dave Brengle
    [email protected]
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