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  • alfaloco ·
    Tony-- I will send more photos tomorrow, and I will communicate via e-mail.

    Dave Jarman
    Lexington KY
    bonafede ·
    Had a Car Accident ?
    a car was repainted ?
    has all the documents alpha ce?
    has the keychain ?
    the engine is fine ?
    has flaws ?
    sends me more photos ?
    photos with defects ?
    thanks a lot
    tony bonafede
    alfasax ·
    AL: Thanks for the fuel line concern. Just checked the car (in storage) about that fuel line and in the picture it looks a lot closer than it is. Actually it is a good six inches above the manifold and it is attached to the inner fender well. The hosed is new fuel injection hose and has been sitting in that spot for over 12 years, but I appreciate the observation. Ciao, AS.
    unkamike ·

    Thanks for selling the wheel covers.Please advise me of how much and were to send a check.
    My info is
    Mike Philipone
    750 Hemlock Street
    Rahway NJ 07065
    C 908 456 2001
    [email protected]
    unkamike ·
    I have been trying to buy 2 wheel covers.1 to replace what was lost and 1 for the attic just in case.Everyone want to sell 4.
    What are you offering as I am trying to keep my car era correct.
    Let me know
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