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    Hi JP,
    I looked at my starter last night. It took me a while to locate it. I believe it has an aftermarket solenoid as it is not attached to the starter directly. There are three wires all connected to one lug on the solenoid, one thick black one from the battery and two heavy gauge wires; one red, one black. On another lug on the solenoid there is one small black wire. I took a photo, doubt it will help but could not get it to load here.
    Philip Hehir ·
    Hi JP

    Let me know if you needed a photo of the bracket. Perhaps we could do an exchange?

    My middle daughter Antoinette (age 10) collects teddy beards from around the world. And if not too odd a request, a small bear from you neck of the woods (e.g town/city, University or state football team etc. are types she often gets) would be a great exchange. No rush on a bear, and happy to get the bracket off to you ASAP.

    Alfa69GTV1750 ·
    Hey JP,

    Sorry about the false start, but I just chatted up my better half about this, and evidently, I have enough motor vehicles... :(
    SpiderHolly ·
    Hi John,
    I stumbled on a thread where it looks like you have acquired a Montreal....awesome-congrats. I'd love to see it sometime.
    SpiderHolly ·
    I live by 51 and Sardis Rd. A couple of my kids go to ELE and they were at the hawkfest thing Saturday pm. Are you closeby?
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