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  • BIUS ·
    I would like to invite you to join my new forum, It is dedicated to the history and evolution of the automobile, and the great minds who contributed.

    Drogato Pista ·
    Hi Wes,

    My name is Scott. I'm on the East Coast in North Carolina. The reason I'm contacting you is I am putting together a '79 Sprint Veloce for LeMons. It will be mostly stock, but the 2.0L engine will be built for endurance racing with Spica Injection.

    So, I am interested in any knowledge I can glean from you and the rest of the crew's experience racing the Sprint Veloce/Alfetta, please.

    Also, I used to race Le'Mons with the fellows out of Michigan in the Alyssa Milano Car, 3.0L. I sold my spot on the team when I moved to NC. I helped build that car from the grave it was robbed.

    Thanks for any advice you may have. Cheers from the East Coast.


    [email protected]
    NickyDeeNM ·
    Hey, I figured it out. Sorta. The Alfetta rear discs also have a smaller hole diameter for mounting holes. Also, I have to apologize. I mentioned Andy and NMMilano. I realized that was another forum guy that races the same/similar model. Your profile says you're in CA. Once I get this sorted out, I'll post to my build thread for anyone else who has to deal with this. Thanks!

    Del ·

    Still cannot get hold of the guy (Matt) who has the Milano exhaust manifold I bought from you. Please contact him for me.

    Del G
    Lokki ·
    Wes - We are now approaching a month since the post office verified that you received the oil cooler. I haven't had a single response from you. You're not going to stiff me are you?

    Bob M
    Del ·
    Hi Wes

    You had mentioned back in December that you had a used LS power steering pump. Do you still have it, and a guess how much it might cost, shipped to Seattle?


    Chris D ·
    Hi, sent two messages already related to buying the Webers and manifold for $500.

    Do you have the specs on the carbs ? Venturis etc and what did the manifold come off of?

    Please call and we can make arrangements for shipping and payment.

    Chris - phone 585 330 5456 [email protected]

    Shipping location is:

    Chris DE Minco
    980 Rush Scottsville Rd
    Rush, NY 14543

    Westbrook ·
    Hi Alfaguy, Thanks for checking. Let me know when you find the the side mirrors controller and power window motor. Kent
    ashburgor ·
    Hi, I realy need the clutch housing/cover for my alfetta , where do you live ? and how much for the part ?

    VeloceSA ·
    Hi, I have a set of 4 Vega rims in excellent condition ,minus center caps, if interested I'll find out how much shipping to the US will be. Let me know your email adress if you would like some pics at : [email protected]
    South Africa
    ashburgor ·
    HI, Alfaguy im looking for clutch housing for alfetta 1978 ,,2000 engine
    let me now if you had the clutch housing....thanks
    woodearth207 ·
    Hi. Do you have a clean used Ansa exhaust your willing to move along? I live in Humboldt and come that way on occasion. Thanks.
    henry431 ·
    Thanks for the reply. I am in Kansas City, KS. but would ship to Kansas City, Mo. to a friends shop. I heard these windshields are next to impossible to take out! Good Luck
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