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  • rob1750 ·
    Hi John
    My name is Rob and I am on the Gold Coast I have a 69 GTJ which needs the rear section of trans tunnel replaced would you have this part on one of your parts cars.
    Regards Rob
    Mobile 0416220720 or message me
    extraball ·
    Hi mate, just searching through old posts, as I am trying to find an affordable mechanic in Newacstle for an alfa 147 twinspark. Did you find anyone? anyone you recommend?
    Federico II ·
    Dear Mr alfafarm,

    We are a group of students of the University of Naples "Federico II",
    master in Marketing & Service Management, and we are dealing with a case
    study on the brand features of the Alfa Romeo cars. So we are looking
    for someone who knows the essential characteristics and the history of
    the Alfa Romeo. And we would need a group of opinion leaders to
    interview until the final examination that we shall do by the end of
    next month. If you're available for a short interview about this
    classwork please answer to us as soon as possible so as to plan the
    interview in your favourite way online.

    Best regards,

    Carlo Ascione
    Daniela Sigillo
    Giovanni Pone

    Please answer us to our mail:
    [email protected]
    MFrost in SD ·
    John: I am looking for some old alfa badges in partiqular with the clover leaf... I want old looking so warn is ok... what do you have? I am doing a 50's replica style roadster / race car...


    emotf ·
    Hi Alfafarm.
    I am on the gold coast too and putting together my 1750.
    Can you drop me your number - I am chasing a couple of items.
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