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  • Tracy and Joel ·
    Hi. I just joined the Alfa BB. My wife has a 74 Spider now, and my teens and I plan on fixing it up for her. We live in Wichita, so I was hoping you point me to some resources for newbies to the world of Alfas.
    Thanks! -Joel Rutledge 461-4869
    Nicola ·
    I thought that was a great place to eat. Nobody could ever complain about the quantity!!
    Next time, let's see if we can get even more ALFAs!
    Nicola ·
    Cliff -
    It was great meeting you in Wichita. Thanks for dinner and the conversation. Hope you'll get together with other Wichita Alfisti again sometime before I return to your fair environs.
    From one electric chicken to another..

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