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  • Rutlefan ·
    I can send what pics if you've got an e-mail address, and take more later. As I said, I wasn't planning on selling the car until next year so I don't have a cache of pics. Only weakness the car has is the paint job... not terrible; actually was a decent spray but the restorer tried to wet/color sand it and wasn't so good at it. If keeping it, that's the only thing I would probably address.

    Other than that the car is in very rare condition. The dash is original an un-cracked. The shelf under the dash is perfect. The original leather seats, though showing some signs of age, have held up well. There is absolutely zero rust. With the 3.0 engine the cars pulls hard (it has performance cams; not sure if they are 164s cams but mechanic and seller both confirm that aren't the stock 164 cams that came with the base 164 engine). The entire exhaust is new, with the rear section being a later CSC from Centerline.
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