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  • plumbg ·
    Hi Alex,

    Ossodiseppia (Brian) pointed me in your direction.

    On the topic of original S.A.F.E./Torino and Neimen keys...

    I have mismatched locks on my original UK supplied RHD 1967 Duetto. Both doors currently operate with a #6 series key and the boot and glove box operate with a #4 series key. I would like to get back to having one 'correct' S.A.F.E./Torino' key operating all 4 locks. What are my options here - Brian seemed to hint at the fact that you may have original locks and/or keys available. If I can get to the situation of all 4 locks at least excepting the same series of key - a locksmith can re-code the barrels to use the same key right?

    I believe that the ignition was originally a Neiman key and I think I can get a repro one from the states on ebay - unless you know otherwise.

    This is not a 'practicality' thing for me its a period correct 'devils in the detail' thing :nerd:

    Yours Hopefully,


    P.S. your inbox is full; I couldn't send a PM
    Q.V. ·
    Hi Alex!

    I'm wondering if you still have any of these parts: - handbrake actuation lever cuff - water temp sender, all 116

    And how much would you ask for an early grille (


    P.S. your inbox is full; I couldn't send a PM
    Top Down ·
    Alex, real long shot! Do you still have any 105 gearbox bearings? is what I'm after.

    Best regards
    aka Top Down
    gprocket ·
    Hi Alex,

    Wondering if you have the two gauge pod that fits below the dash in a GTJr in lieu of the center console. I don't need the gauges.


    Rich Davisson

    Ps: your PM is filled and won't accept my message...
    schaapm ·
    Hi Alex,

    I am interested in the 2600 sprints you mentioned in a thread about a 2600 spider.
    Do you have them for sale? And if so, can you maybe send me a pic of the cars and a hint on the price?
    For me it is mainly for the technical parts.

    Hope to hear from you!
    Thanks already for your help.

    Kind regards,

    Marcel Schaap
    fgc ·
    Hi Alex

    sorry I am late to the message about the oil filter conversion kit thatyou were making. Do you still have any and if so how much? please PM me.

    Il Mito ·
    Good morning,

    Looking at photo's of each, they appear to be the same.......your thoughts? Alex, many thanks for your input

    gregeast ·
    Hi Alex, do you still have the NOS front rubber inserts available?

    I have a '74 US model that I'd love to delete the bumperettes from.


    Greg East
    Raimondo ·

    Hi, this is Ray Smith (Raimondo). kuni123456 suggested that I get in touch with you in hopes that you would have a Marelli "E" key blank (or an E 16 key) or a Marelli ignition switch coded E 02.

    If you have neither of these, perhaps you could direct me to someone who might have one or the other.


    Tulsa, OK
    thisquietplace ·
    I am currently trying to source an early right upper door hinge for mye 1969 GT Junior, and noticed that you posted in a thread about hinges, do you happen to have any available? Cheers
    monzeglio ·
    hello alex
    replying to your answer on my post. i do not have the part number of the 76 alfetta sedan windscreen. and i cant find it anywhere. last week i bought one from an 82 2000alfetta sedan but it doesnt fit!!

    so it must be a single model for the 1st series alfetta.

    do you think you can identify it and see if you have any? i would be really happy if you could!
    thank you very much
    GTA R ·
    Hi Alex, looking for a front section handbrake cable for an early RHD Ti ('63) with the umbrella type handbrake. Thought I'd try you first !
    Kind Regards
    bguitarbrown ·
    Hello Alex. Do you have a rebuilt, or still good, cylinder head for a 2000 spider? Preferably with valves and the works, ready to install on a '79 Spider. Thanks, Brian
    mconforto ·
    Hi, Alex. A friend's '68 GTV 1750 is in need of a conversion from original to "modern" oil filtering systems. From the thread in the AlfaBB forum I was under the impression that you have/had both a "spin-on" type of adapter and a head casting as well. He needs either of them, but I suppose a head casting would be most appealing. Can you tell me what you have 'in store'? Thank you! -Marco-
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