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  • Dale ·
    I think I priced her too low... I've been flooded with PMs. Oh well. I hope it goes to a good home where cash flows a bit freer. Dale
    sidewaysalfa ·
    I appreciate your restraint in criticising AlfaRomeo in your Concorso posting.
    I see how much effort you are putting into Alfa Century 2010 and at this point in your planning this is a great snub to AROC and certainly to you and your convention crew.
    (remember AROSC did the 2020 Alfiesta Convention)
    If I would have been in your shoes I would have used words like "Rat Bastards" and "who cares F>>> them!!".
    Good luck on the convention. Thou it looks like you are making your own luck with all the planning and communicating you have already done.
    bennetts77833 ·

    Just tried to register online for the Alfa Convention this evening. Did not get a confirmation and emailed using the website to try to resolve the issue.

    Was distressed to find the preconvention tour is 'full' as Diana and I are some of the few who have made all three of the previous tours. I asked to be put on the waiting list or better for more spaces to be created. Can you help us out and get us a space.

    Will be registering for Spring Fling early next week. See you there?

    Best Wishes,
    Bernie Bennett
    Brenham, TX
    mspace ·
    Hey guys (and gals); just noodling around the site and found this. Couldn't make the Philly show this year due to a family emergency so I don't know if it was another hot one, but it wouldn't have been the only beastly hot Headhouse Square show in my memory either. Every year it's the same day as a wonderful British show held in a tree shaded glade about seven minutes from my house in Hellertown PA, just south of Bethlehem, so, having both Brits and Italians in my collection, I alternate between shows each year. I've been playing with the idea of holding the Italian show at that location on that Saturday to make it a two day weekend. Hope to talk with the wonderful and hard working FLU folks about this at the next meeting.
    There's going to be a big AACA show in Rockville, Md, on October 17th, with a special invited contingent of Italian machinery, and my Aurelia will be part of it. Hope to see some FLU folks there.
    Best, Mike Space
    ThadKirk ·
    Alex, Just found your story on the Philly show from last summer! The heat really made for a bad show. Less than half of the people showed and the Italian band didn't come out.
    BTW, my 850 is a Bertone Racer. Very different than an 850 coupe! The show was organized by Fiat Lancia Unlimited and open to all Italian cars, even DVAROC members!
    Maybe you can make it this year June 14. You can pretty much bet we won't have record heat again like that!
    jeff davis ·
    Hey alex, You dont know me but I am helping bob sort out your verde... well trying to at least. Anyway I have not used the site for some time and am just getting back into it. I figured you were out there when I saw the trogdor and FSM emblems on your car.
    hansfmilo ·
    Yo Alex -
    Good talking with you and Kathleen in Chicago! We'll be looking for you two in Portland, which should be a good time, too.
    But what really has me excited will be driving the Alfa Sei to the 2010 hoedown in Frederick. We've been there a number of times, and it has a hospitable charm - a neat little town.
    Would you like a picture or two to hang in your Gallery?
    let me know where to send them. ciao, Hans
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