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  • Brklynfbm ·
    Hi Erik,

    I saw your 1750 GTV on the Classic Alfa webpage. My car is very similar but not quite as complete yet. I'm in New York City. Anyway, it looks great! What rims did you use? Also, are the fogs Carello?


    jg1053 ·
    My name is Jim Gordon and I think you have done a terrific job with your video's. Do you sell these on DVD? I have looked at Youtube and have found that I can't find a couple of the videos, like door hanging part 2 not part 1...
    Thanks again for a great series.
    Sportivo1 ·
    I have a euro 69 GTV that needs new sills and front floor pans. If I still lived in Bellevue, the job would be yours. I live in Sonoma county, where the car is. Can you recommend someone local who is experienced like Vintage Customs is? Im 35 minutes north of SF, CA
    mubezzi · feature of the alfabb...think I will send Daron a message. Hey Daron, do you have that book I showed you a while back? It has the story on Bertone....
    endel ·
    Hey Daron, long time no speak. Had a verybad day today. Take a look at my post in the New England forum. I would appreciate any insight to this damage. I have more pics.
    p_lo ·
    Hi Daron its Paolo(p_lo). I appreciate the referal, you're a good man. Frank and I spoke for a half hour or so, he needs some minor repairs. This is a good thing I have two Duetto's and Giulietta on the go, plus collsion work, too busy to take on another resto. Quick question, what in the way of warranty do you offer your customers. I assume the finish is given a lifetime garauntee, but what about the rust repairs? Appreciate your time.
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