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  • IanB ·
    Another good read/resource on flow and diameter of intake.

    Alfa Tune Oy (fi)

    The key here, is that most of your flow gains into the chamber are really down by the valve itself, as there is a huge piece of metal called the 'valve' in the way of the air as it enters the combustion chamber.
    Shaping that area with every possible advantage nets you gains, especially on/near the valve seat.

    There is some more stuff I am working on too that I am excited about, but nothing proven yet and so in another year or so I'll have enough money and the engine management components to try it out.

    solo alfa ·
    Hi there,

    Great project you have going on there. Been interesting following the thread. Anyway, I would like the contact details for Eurosport where you sourced the brake dics from. Looking at getting a set of ventilated rear discs for my giulietta.

    Thanks and good luck with the giulia.

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