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  • DPeterson3 ·
    Hello Tom,

    My apologies. I never check the visitor message area, and had no idea you'd written.

    What can I do for you?

    775 230 6489
    onelunger61 ·
    Hello, Nick from California here, can you tell me when I may expect to recieve the smog pump bolts/nuts? Again, please let me cover the shipping.
    Thanks, Nick Dukellis
    Stevew ·
    Hello Tom!

    I see you have a new friend :).

    What can you tell me about the Autocross/drag race/clutch destroying exercise you plan to attend?

    All the best.
    91spiderNV ·
    Idle will depend on no leaks in the idle hoses, and plenum hoses. They all tend to look good on the outside but if not yet replaced, they tend to get hard and crack. Just like regular electronic fuel injection, the hoses need to hold the vacuum. try replacing the idle air hoses and the plenum hoses. It will idel better but maybe not to your satifaction? I did this with another spica setup and there was a big differnece and the idle was much better. Wes Ingrams book has the answers to proper idle, but you probably know that.
    This car had a rear engine swap with a 87 automatic milano.
    piotrsuw ·
    Hello - I have a question about your automatic sport sedan (I know it sold...). I have one with an auto box that I use as a semi-daily driver and for the 4 years that I've owned it I've always been irritated by the idle while in gear. I've replaced the spica pump (for another reason) and the injectors and it is just the same. I have a wide-band oxygen sensor and AFR read out to tune spicas so I know that rich or lean mix is not the issue. You specifically stated that yours idled well, so just wondering if there are any tricks up your sleave. Did yours have the correct spica p/n (the 263) for an automatic car? Mine doesn't and I've never been able to find the correct spica but don't know if that has anything to do with it. I really appreciate any/all info. Thanks! Piotr - Seattle, WA
    wingwalker ·
    Sorry I missed your message until just now. I didn't do much on the Net while away at the convention, and just got home last night (a 10-day trip).

    I certainly would have bought your pass had I known about it. But, as it turns out, I wouldn't have been able to use it. I got black-flagged during the school because in high-G turns to the right, gas would run out the vent pipe. We made several efforts to fix it, but were unable, and missed the last session on the track.

    randyleepublic ·
    Hi Tom,

    Good to meet and talk to you today. If you guys ever get motivated on that 2600 and decide to go with 4 cylinder power, I have a twinspark out of a Euro 75 (Milano) that you may be interested in. I originally bought it to put it in an Alfetta, but the project is on long term tending to permanent hold. Not that I am encouraging you: the competitive option in my opinion would be to massage that classic 6 for its potential with a set of Webers, and then massage away about 500 lbs of the coupe's blubber. How you would go about doing that I have only vague ideas, but it sure sounds good anyway. ;)
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