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  • Peppydee ·
    Hi Robert,
    First let me thank you for all the wonderful information you share on BB. It's of great help to all of us.
    I read just about everything you wrtoe about 1st gear grunch and know that you specifically instruct to change out the sector with the hook to one like that found in the other syncro assemblies. What would be the consequence of leaving that hooked sector in # 1 gear syncro assembly and added the second concentric ring? I ask this only becasue I inadventantly built my 1st gear syncro that way and already pressed the entire shaft back together. I would love to save myself the hassle of disassembling the shaft again if I could prevent that.
    Thanks in advance for your reply.
    Federico II ·
    Dear Mr. 60sRacer,

    We are a group of students of the University of Naples "Federico II",
    master in Marketing & Service Management, and we are dealing with a case
    study on the brand features of the Alfa Romeo cars. So we are looking
    for someone who knows the essential characteristics and the history of
    the Alfa Romeo. And we would need a group of opinion leaders to
    interview until the final examination that we shall do by the end of
    next month. If you're available for a short interview about this
    classwork please answer to us as soon as possible so as to plan the
    interview in your favourite way online.

    Best regards,

    Carlo Ascione
    Daniela Sigillo
    Giovanni Pone

    Please answer us to our mail:
    [email protected]
    wingwalker ·
    Hi Robert,
    You followed my rebuild of an '88 Spider. I appreciated your advice. I planned to drive through the summer before doing any more work, but I'm now forced to address a few issues.

    The driveshaft is vibrating badly and this has led to a leaking seal on the differential. As long as I'm under it, it makes sense to pull the rear end, do the wheel bearings and the seal. I have the parts for the driveshaft and the wheel bearings. But I will need to buy some more, and for a few more hours today, IAP is having a sale with decent discounts.

    So, here's the first question. Should I order the poly bushings for the rear swing arms or the rubber ones? I've seen two opinions expressed on the bb.

    Second question. Some suggest leaving the rear anti-sway bar off to improve handling. Your thoughts on this?

    Third question. The car sits too high now that I've lightened it by almost 300 pounds. Should I cut the rear spring down by a half or full coil while doing this stuff?

    bianchi1 ·
    question, where did you get the sperical bearing for the rear trailing arms.. where yours telon lined, those can be quiter than plain sperical bearings.
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