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  • industry ·
    i.m italian, sorry for my english..:)
    i ve post my new topic, panel instrument alfa 164 q4

    i ve need of a tachometer on my concept car..
    i ve a same same your engine on the photo
    engine code AR 64307 and ecu
    i ve only the panel instrument of 3.0 12v and my engine 64307
    what must to do for my tachometer???
    thanks,very thanks
    gianluigi from naples
    164 FAMILY ·
    Not 100% about the flex plate but the handles I have and I have a few radiators but I think they were all manual cars.
    bianchi1 ·
    a question , do you have a radiator for a 93 164 auto box car? and perhaps a flex plate, iner/outer door handle?...ok.. shopping list done..:):) thanks
    velocedoc ·
    Lenard, Do you have a 164L/S air flow meter I can borrow? The Bosch # 280 203 035. Maybe one you can sell me? Christopher
    velocedoc ·
    I am going to send you your lights back in exchange for the CD unit. I can't see in the foreseeable future using the lights. If mine get damaged then I will take my chances on finding replacements at a decent price. I need your address please where you want them shipped to. Thank you for your patience. Christopher
    164 FAMILY ·
    The air mass meter came stock on the Q4. It is original I would search the old post and that may be of some help to you.

    Federico Veltre ·
    Hello, 164 family
    When looking at pictures of your awsome looking 164Q I noticed a modification I am am very intersting in, I'd loke to convert the Bosch vane style airflow meter to a Mass air flow meter, like the one you installed. Can you provide the part number and deatils on any modification you needed to perform in order to make it work. I can't imagine that it was just a swap from the stock part to the mass air meter.

    proud owner of a 1993 164S
    sjmst ·
    Hi. As to that 164 Bracket, the "each" you refer to is front or rear? I only need front. What I am thinking of is a piece of metal that attaches to the bumper and to which the license plate is attached. Is that the piece that is $100?
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