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  • David O'D ·
    Hi Randy -

    I saw you at the summer party last week but when it was time to go couldn't find you.

    Thanks for offering the turntable for when I paint my wheels, is it something portable I can take to my house for a day or 2?


    David O'D
    Epp ·
    101/105 guy, I hope I am sending you a pm..
    I saw your post regarding the webber carb, I am very glad you pointed out the height issue. I am putting together a 750 and want to put a webber on. Can you provide any details on what carb and how to set it up so a stock air cleaner will work? You may have in the post and I'm not tracking what your saying.

    keithE ·
    Is this Randy B., restored Weiss 750gt?
    If so, Keith M. here (Abarth Zagato) - long time since last contacting you!
    Il Mito ·

    No this the little switch beneath the emergency brake handle. Would you like a photograph of it? Email address pls.

    Thanks for writing,

    Il Mito ·

    I offered it to MOMA in New York but they weren't interested.

    Thanks for the compliment!

    Best regards,

    101/105guy ·
    No problem !
    Alfa guys are not as organized as, say the Porsche or Mustang group.....

    Probably one of the other Alfa Club guys dropped you a card. Usually there are 5 or 6 members at this show althou not all drive their Alfa. I actually drove a Porsche that Saturday !!

    I will not be at the next event. Have to be in San Jose.

    See you soon ! Randy
    Mike in Orange ·
    Hi Randy,

    Sorry for the late reply - apparently I needed to reach 10 posts before I could respond to your message!

    Yeah, I saw several Alfas scattered around the lot last week and wondered why they weren't all together.... or at least reasonably close together. I wasn't able to attend this past Saturday nor can I be at the next one as I have to work at the Cruisin' For A Cure event at the OC Fairgrounds; Meguiar's is a major sponsor and I'm doing seminars all day. I hope to be at the next one (I think I'm free that day!!).

    Oh, was it you who dropped the AROC business card in my car?

    Hope to meet you and some of the others very soon!

    Il Mito ·

    There was a tag with a part nbr. that's how I determined the application, it was my thought that it would interchange with a Super and a friend confirmed that.

    If there are any other questions, don't hesitate to ask. Pls. contact me through my email, it's far easier: [email protected]

    Thanks for writing,

    danchoi123 ·
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    GTRace84 ·

    Just wondering if you ever considered parting with your 105 GTV? I have been looking for a ocra or capri blue for some time. Noticed yours in your sig picture. If not i fully understand! She looks gorgeous!

    Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend.
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