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  • Austin Alfa ·
    Hello-from what I gather, I believe you are Ed_L from BaT. I'm Steve Wuertz-aka Austin_Alfa.

    I'd love to bend your ears for a few minutes on things to look for and valuation for a early 60s Zagato Flaminia Sport

    I'm stevewuertz at the email account that Google owns. Or if its more convenient, please call me at five 12 - four 1 three - 6 three 7 four.

    Thanks Ed-hope that this is not too much trouble for you but I'd appreciate it

    Austin Alfa ·
    Hello Ed

    While I hate assumptions, it's my best guess that you are Ed_L on BaT. I'm Steve aka Austin_Alfa on both the BB here and on BaT

    I was hoping to bend your ear on getting some background on Lancia Zagatos. I'm trying to put a deal together on one and was hoping you could share some insight.

    I'm at [email protected] or 512-413-6374. Please leave a message or send a text and I'll ring you back.


    phila3885 ·
    Hello Ed,
    Is this Ed L that posts frequently on Bring a Trailer? I apologize if I have the wrong contact. My name is Phil and I mostly follow the Giulietta boards, but I'm looking for expertise in locating Lancia factory build data. I recently purchased a Flaminia Touring with minimal records. I have a chassis number and an engine number, but the Touring body number plaque is missing. If you have any guidance as to researching production data on these cars, I'd be very interested. Any contacts would be most appreciated. Thanks and Good Evening-
    Phil Anderson
    Hermosa Beach , CA
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