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italcarguy 07-21-2003 11:18 PM

What Kinda Wheels Does Your Alfa Have?
Both my GT Junior's have 14x7 Panasports with 17mm offset.

italcarguy 07-21-2003 11:21 PM

My Spider Veloce has the OG 14x6 Cromadora Daytona's.

67GTV 07-21-2003 11:41 PM

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My GT Veloce has the OG 15x4.5 Firsat steel rims.

djone101 07-22-2003 02:05 AM

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Ford Focus steel rims 15x6 with Yokohama A539 195 50 15 for the track.

Alex Csank 07-22-2003 04:00 AM

No pics folks, but my Spider uses 14 X 6 BWA 'Sportstars' (4 spoke) with Pirelli P-400 tires in 185/70-14. My Milano Gold has a set of CEC 129 wheels with Sumitomo HTR-200 tires in 205/50-15. My Milano Verde rides on the stock Speedline Wheels, wearing Kumho Ecsta Supra 712s in 205/50-15. My project GTV is sitting on five-spoke Chromadoras with very old Michelins in 185/70-14 sizing...that will change! :D

alfa_chan 07-22-2003 12:10 PM

Alex, don't u have a pix of your spider with BWA somewhere on the board? Nice looking Duetto!!

My GTV has BWA Sportstars with some cheapo 195/60 R14 on them.

Found a nice set of Japanese Sumitomo(or Enkei? I forgot) 2 piece BBS replica for $300. Too bad the offset is ZERO. :(

PS Still looking for my Momo Vegas :D


Originally posted by Alex Csank
No pics folks, but my Spider uses 14 X 6 BWA 'Sportstars' (4 spoke) with Pirelli P-400 tires in 185/70-14.

ar1750gtv 07-22-2003 12:13 PM

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I'm sure you've all seen these Cromodora 14 x 5 1/2 magnesium wheels on my 1750 GTV before.

Schuey 07-22-2003 04:38 PM

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MOMO Vega 6X14

Azzurri GTV 07-22-2003 04:53 PM

Those rims look awesome do you know where i can get a set? And do they make them in 15inch??
John Paul

alfa_chan 07-22-2003 05:04 PM

Schuey is teasing me again :o

Alex Csank 07-22-2003 07:00 PM really have a 'thing' about polishing, don't you?

Those wheels look like they are chrome!

Although nice, I'm through with my 'chrome' phase...I'm now into the dull grey phase:D

John M 07-22-2003 08:14 PM

Hey Alex:

Yep, I like shiny at times. I actually had a really nice set of the silver Daytonas prior to these that looked practically new. These are chrome dipped courtesy of Wheel Concepts out in California. These wheels were actually from my 84 parts car and were beat up, paint peeling, and just sad. So I sent them to Wheel Concepts to see what they could accomplish. $100 per wheel plus shipping back and forth, and now they look smooth as silk. They do take some of that sleeper appearance out of my car. Through WC I had the option of polishing, refinishing, or chroming. Over the years I have heard so many fellow alfa owners say that the mag alloys couldn't be chromed, that I decided to give it a try for uniqueness and to see if it could be really done.

Almost didn't do it. I really like the original looking cars, and this Spider came with the Turbinas. I didn't want an aftermarket wheel, but I didn't want a bone stock either. Part of owning a 78...almost a bastard. I have to make her feel accepted and part of the Alfa family.:D

Best Regards,
John M

67GTV 07-23-2003 01:10 AM

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Stock 14x5.5 Turbinas I had on my Spider. Egad, they were a pain to clean!

Alex Csank 07-23-2003 05:12 AM

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OK, I cropped a photo and so here is a shot of my BWA 'Sportstars' on my Spider. They were a popular 'period' accessory and were often sold at the dealership as a 'dealer installed option' between 1967 and 1970. They are 14 X 6 in size, very light and strong, and they look nice when bead-blasted, painted an original dull grey (with a gloss black in the background pieces). I am hoping to clearcoat mine when I change tires sometime in the next year or so.


Alfapaulic 07-23-2003 09:16 AM

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stock wheels on 1976 spider!

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