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Peter A 04-06-2019 11:29 AM

New Stelvio Owner
Just traded my beloved Jag XJL 5.0 S/C RWD for a Stelvio Ti. Picked the Stelvio over a new CX-5 prestige and a CPO F-type R-sport diesel with 20K miles. New job will require me to pull 30K+ miles per year, put a dog crate in the car and have AWD. Of course I picked the Stelvio because it drives most like a sports sedan.

I secured a great deal on a previously unregistered 2018 demo with 6K miles, probably b/c it has no sport seats, panoramic roof, premium stereo, nav or apple car play and no shift paddles. I can do without those although the seats would have been great. It did have the full package of safety features in the dynamic driver assist pack, seat/mirror/steering wheel heat, etc. The 19" wheels fine for me with bad roads here in the NE, will probably do 18" with snows in the winter for max insurance. MSRP was over $48K.

I've put 1000 miles on so far, super happy. The ultra quick steering required seat time to drive smoothly on the highway. Standard seats are comfortable 4+ hours in the saddle. Cornering is flat, understeer modest. Enough grunt to pick my spot in traffic. Interior noise level is acceptable. Adaptive cruise works as advertised. Standard stereo is acceptable (even the upgraded one would never be a match for the 1200w Bowers and Wilkens in the Jag). Like that tire pressures show each wheel.

Gripes? The infotainment is fiddly, the aluminum interior trim will scratch easily, a little rough shifting at slow speeds in all but D mode (the 6-speed Jag ZF was tremendous, and the power insane), crappy exhaust sound. I think the black exterior would look better with pinstripe although the (optional) metallic black paint is super nice. For my highway driving from NJ to Boston, it is a great vehicle. Nice offset to the GTV6s that I have!

Will resist the urge to do the Eurocompulsion or other intake+ecu+exhaust upgrade, a set of lowering springs or 20" wheels. If I keep it long term, will do those things and find a pair of sport seats in the junkyard from a Guilia or Stelvio. Resisting the urge to go for Quad which would be great but a waste rolling along the highway.

Peter A 04-07-2019 09:12 AM

Ok. Modification to the rough shifting. It is actually smooth. There is just a lot of it since the shift programming even in Dynamic gets it to a pretty high gear pretty fast. I guess that is just the nature of current cars that are programmed for efficiency. I noted the same in recent Jaguars as well with 8 speed tranny. The 2011 Jag with the six speed ZF in sport+dynamic would hold the lower gear for a long time up to 4000rpm in regular driving. Obviously the Alfa 4 cylinder has a much different profile but I think the D programming could be more aggressive. I just leave it in D all the time.

Peter A 04-07-2019 09:16 AM

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Ranz 04-07-2019 12:07 PM

Great that you're happy with the Stelvio.
Nice pair, too, but side-by-side...gee those monster bumpers stand out on the GTV6, eh.
Damned fool regulators.....looks like a swollen lip compared to the TI.

Alfisto Steve 08-30-2019 04:36 PM

New non-Stelvio Owner here
Still have both my 164S and 164L but went over to the WK2 series Jeep Grand Cherokee with a used 2017 Limited and got as close to a Stelvio at a lower price point I could handle.

My point is after have driven 164s for 27 years and Jeep Grands since 98 I like a SUV. Our 2017 has the 3.6L 24v Penastar w/295hp non-turbo and 8 speed Autobox with paddle shifter.

It has start-stop, eco and sport modes. Sport mode pretty dynamic and I suppose comparable to Stelvio Dynamic up to a point. I have driven my buds wife's Stelvio Ti Q4 as a comparison.

I am coming out of a 04 Jeep Grand Overland 4.7L HO Quadrtrac into this 2wd/RWD 17 model and it is pretty nice upgrade as we are mostly I-95 super slab long distance travelers pulling cargo trailer and snow not an issue now for us.. FCA builds some pretty spectacular products and the Stelvio and JGCs are a couple of keepers IMHO.

SamW 09-03-2019 04:50 AM

The wife picked up a new '19 Stelvio Sport at a great price a few weeks ago, I really love the thing! I took it a while to get tuned in, we got 18 mpg on the first tank, and that was conservative driving and a lot of interstate, 2nd tank is in the 28 mpg range and everything seems to be much better now, shifting, starting. We saw 35 mpg on the first 70 miles of the tank running down the interstate. I have a '14 Jeep GC with the 3.6, and I like it, but the Stelvio is a different animal, lighter, lower, drives much better, seems much quicker, of course I bought the Jeep used with 80k miles and I just did the 100K spark plug change and it needed it, it may have needed it 20k miles ago, so I may change my tune on it a little.

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