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Hodgepodge 04-18-2019 06:17 PM

No such thing as a small project....
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Now that the weather is decent, I'm lining up my car projects. A couple of cars are nearly done, and next on the list is a refresh of my Celeste blue '69 Spider. Mechanically, the car runs and drives very well. Get this. It was an italian delivery car imported by an Alfa dealer. That explains the blue color which was not a US option. It has 65,000 documented miles on it and I have maintenance records showing an engine rebuild. The interior is almost entirely original but it is very, very tired, so almost everything will be rebuilt or replaced. Although the paint is excellent, the previous owner said it best by stating that the paint and body work guy that worked on the car was great at painting, maybe not so great at bodywork. So there are some things that MY paint and body guy need to fix that will require a respray. The car was hit on the passenger side at some point and the door is not hung correctly with horrible gaps. I'm also moving the mirrors to a location more suitable for actual use. Normally, I would consider a complete soda blast followed by whatever metal work is needed and then a complete respray, but there are just enough original bits on the car to make me not want to do that and I'm not planning on doing anything to the drivetrain except replacing the exhaust system. Plus, you know, way too much money. OK, enough talk.

So I'll be stripping the interior, refinishing the wheels, cleaning up the engine compartment, installing all the missing decals, installing new mirrors in the US locations as well as the missing Pininfarina badges, pulling the guages out to be cleaned and rechromed, probably replacing or refinishing the steering wheel, tearing down and powdercoating the top frame and many other bits. My interior guy will recover the seats and reinstall a new Hartz top after the bodywork and paint are done.

I'll continue to post here as progress is made. The goal is to have this car and my red one at the PVGP/AROC convention in July. Thanks for reading!

red69 04-18-2019 06:57 PM

Thanks for sharing.

I really like the color!


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Hodgepodge 04-19-2019 06:40 AM

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Well, the interior has been stripped and the top removed. New mirrors have been fitted on the doors. Getting ready to fit and then remove the pininfarina badges, remove the top frame and pull the rest of the trim. I also need to pull the gauges to send off to Hollywood Speedo. I have ordered most of th einterior pieces but still need to order the top and related parts. The car was "rustproofed" at some point including the trunk. Trying to figure out how to strip that stuff out of the trunk so it can be painted blue again... I also included an image of th epassenger door to show gaps and misaligned installation. The new mirrors look great but will be removed along with nearly all of th echrome trim on the car.

Hodgepodge 05-01-2019 12:50 PM

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Quick update. Everything is out of the car except for th drivers seat and I drive it over to the paint shop. Funny how different the car sounds with no interior. All of the exterior trim has been removed except the bumpers so the body guy can align them and adjust the front openings. Handles, badges, trim rings, etc., all removed. I drilled new hols for the missing Pininfarina badges that, amazingly, were exactly where they were originally. The top frame came apart with moderate difficulty and is now at the the powdercoat shop. All of the guages have been removed and sent to North Hollywood Speedometer to be cleaned up and to have the rings rechromed. The new top and related parts came in from Classic Alfa and there are three or four other boxes from various vendors including seat covers, door cards, all new chrome bits, new outer door handles and a whole lot of new rubber gaskets, etc. The new windshield should be here May 6th. And I took my one good floating bow connector over to the fabricators to have him make me a few new pairs. I still have a few parts to research but the car is off getting painted, so I work on my other cars for a while. Work is never done.....

Hodgepodge 07-15-2019 08:30 PM

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Update! The paint shop was supposed to take 3-4 weeks and ended up taking almost 10!! I got the car back last week and have been working on it to get it ready for the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Cortille at Schenley Park this weekend. Sadly, I am missing all of the AROC events so far. Also sadly, I forgot to take pictures of a lot of the things as I was doing them, like assembling the freshly powdercoated top frame (which went back together fairly easily using tools and techniques provided by others here on the Alfabbb. This would have made a pretty good TV show....huge paint shop delay, lost order for the gauge rebuilds, overspray, top-frame powdercoating issues, 1 incorrect wheel discovered AFTER sandblasting them, and some new part missing or not fitting on a near-hourly basis..., all kinds of exciting fodder.

Anyway, the paint is done, a new windshield is installed, the new interior is in, the top is on and most of the chrome, stainless steel and trim is back in place. I am working on installing the gauges now (installing all new bulbs) and still have to mount the new wheels (stock steel rims with hats and new tires), install the headlight covers, install a new Hellebore wheel if everything fits, swap out some of the bumpers and lights, swap out a few interior things I'm not happy with (like the interior mirror) and replace every visible rusty screw.....a hundred little things in just a day or two. Below are a few images of the car in the garage taken a few minutes ago. Oh, and between years of sitting in a garage with the top down and no cover, and all the dust from the paint shop, everything on and in the car is absolutely filthy! I hope nobody wants to see the engine at PVGP on Saturday...... Look for me there if you are around! Thanks for reading and sorry I wasn't able to deep dive into any of this. Perhaps when I refinish the red '66. I'll post more pictures when I'm closer to being done.

spiderserie4 07-16-2019 01:08 AM

looks great!
How did the passenger door alignment work out in the end?

Hodgepodge 07-16-2019 06:52 AM

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Originally Posted by spiderserie4 (Post 8439202)
looks great!
How did the passenger door alignment work out in the end?

It turned out great! There was a little A pillar work and a lot of hinge work but it looks pretty good now. Hinge side was lifted and rotated in a little.

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