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Past & Current

Take in mind I am only 29!!

PAST: In order of purchase date

1987 Aerostar ( Learned to drive )
1990 Mustang 5.0 ( totaled )
1984 Cavalier coupe ( Blew Engine )
1983 Toyota Cresida ( Just Died )
1986 Volvo 760 ( Blew Engine )
1985 Dodge Van ( Scrapped )
1993 Z-24 ( lease ended )
1999 Volvo C70 coupe (Fastest and Best car I have ever owned)


2002 Jaguar X-type 3.0 ( Piece of Crap )
2002 Jeep Liberty Limited ( for the cottage )
1974 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 ( By pride and joy )
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'Totaled' is what happens to every Mustang 5.0 I've ever known to be owned by a young guy.

Nice work!

BTW, I have a '74 Spider, too.
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Not too many...

Past:[list=a]8? Chevy Cavalier - retired rental car, parent's car
70 GT Jr. 1300 - project car...still finding parts to sell from it!
87 Milano Verde - sold right before my wedding...had it for 6 or so years.[/list=a]

Almost past:
[list=a]78 Alfetta Sedan - bought with the money from my Verde. Sold to get another Verde, new owner picking it up this Sunday.
97 Nissan Pathfinder - my wife always wanted one...she has since changed her mind FOR SALE![/list=a]

[list=a]00 Saab 9-5 Sportswagen - picked it up last night! YIKES! [/list=a]

Picking up soon:
[list=a]88 Milano Verde - purchased, picking it up in LA on Labor Day! [/list=a]

[list=a]71? Spider - like them
67 (or so) GTV - always wanted one![/list=a]

74 GTV
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88 Milano Verde
78 Alfetta Sedan
87 Milano Verde
70 GT Jr. 1300

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re: Meatpile

My Mustang was totaled after a driver of let me say the "Senior Variety" made an illegal left turn in the middle of a 6 lane intersection about 5 feet in front of me while I was cruising along with traffic at a safe 50kph.

I had three choices, hit him, hit the car next to me, or hit the median wall, I went for the wall.
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I gotta buddy launched his into some guy's living room - via the guy's roof.

It was in '87, and we had just bootlegged Floyd at Chapel Hill - after the wreck 'Shine on You Crazy Diamond' was just blaring.

No one was killed, passenger messed his legs up but recovered.

I got about a dozen stories, that's the best one.
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Thank god no one got hurt.

Isn't that how Def Leopards drummer lost one of his arms? ( As the story goes ).
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First car was Dad's hand me down 1969 Pontiac Bonneville. 4 door sedan with no B pillar. Looked cool with all the windows down, but that synthetic nose was down right ugly. It had a 454, 4 barrel V8. Lots of straight line get up and go. Navy blue with white vinyl inside, complete with plastic seat covers and an aftermarket Benzi style (pull out but below the dash) 8 track!!!! Next came my 1978 Alfa spider. Black with maroon vinyl inside. I bought it second hand in 1985 when I started my professional training. Had the car until 1989. Next was the first new car, a 1990 VW Fox Wolfsburg edition. Gun metal grey with pimpin white rims. I'm washing the car and stamped on the rims is "Made in Brazil". HHMMM, interesting my wheels are made in Brazil. Not just the wheels Sherlock, the whole freaking car was made in Brazil. Here I am thinking I'm buying German engineering and craftsmanship. Oh, at the same time, or actually just before, my wife buys a 1990 Mazda MX 6. Great looking and great car for the money. The LX was loaded with features including some of the best factory bucket seats ever!!! They looked like Recaros. Great thigh and back support as well as lumbar and thigh height adjustments. The Fox gave way to a VR6 Passat (last of the previous bodies). Very capable, high build quality, some trim quality issues (interior door handles would flake). The Passat gave way to an ML 320 with the "sport" package. I hate SUV's but the wife, well you know the rest. And finally, the garage was blessed with the addition of my 64 Giulia Sprint, and then the Mazda gave way to my 1993 164 L. That's it, up until now. When the lease is up on the ML, I might consider an A4 convertible. God how I wish the 156 GTAm was here!!!!!!!!!! That's it for now.
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an older thread.. but hey.....

1986? Mitsubishi Cordia Turbo (1.6 carb)
1988 Mitsubishi Cordia Turbo (1.8i)
1996 VW Golf TDI (VERY good on milage)
1986 VW Golf Rabit
1992 Audi S4 (was the A6 sedan style)
1997 Ford T-Bird
1988 Lincoln Cont
1987 Mercury Sable Wagon
1978? Dodge Ram Charger
1996 Lincoln Cont
2002 Ford Focus
1988 Alfa Spider Veloce

and in between a Honda VF500F race bike with a ful tuning kit and later a CBR1000F ....

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Send a message via MSN to max_75

mom's car : 1997 proton wira.
my first car : 1983 honda accord.


my first alfa: 1989 Alfa Milano 2.0TS

i'm only 23, and used car in Malaysia can consider expensive also.
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68 chevy pu
84 impalla
72 caddy
65 mustang
72 monty carlo (drag car 600 bhp)
67 cutlass
84 escort
93 t-bird
65 chevy van
yamaha virago 1100
99 blazer
56 vw bug (firs car bought at 15)
no in this order


03 chevy pu (work truck)
69 ford pu (hunting truck)
78 spider (Do I need a reason)

Steve M
'78 Spider
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1975 VW Golf I
1988 A33 1.5
1995 Seat Ibiza 1.6
1977 Alfetta GTV2000

1967 Giulia 1300ti
1967 Giulia GT1300 Junior mkI
1973 Giulia GT1600 Junior
1964 Giulia Sprint GT (restoration project)
1975 Austin Mini 850
1998 Peugeot 106 Rallye

Giulietta Sprint
Spider kamm-tail
Lancia Fulvia coupe - Monte Carlo or HF and
"New" Lancia Fulvia coupe

“Alfa Romeo is not merely a maker of automobiles : it truly is something more than a conventionally built car. It is a kind of affliction, an enthusiasm for a means of transport. It is a way of living, a very special way of perceiving the motor vehicle. What it is resists definition. Its elements are like those irrational character traits of the human spirit which cannot be explained in logical terms. They are sensations, passions, things that have much more to do with man’s heart than with his brain”.
Orazio Satta

gt1300junior, '67
gt1600junior, '73
giulia 1300 ti, '67
giulia sprint gt, '64 (needs heavy resto)
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'70 Ford Maverick (my first car)
'87 Dodge Shadow ES (my first new car)
'71 Alfa GTV (owned for four years; bought after the '86 Spider)
'93 Infiniti G20 (5sp - pretty decent car)

'86 Spider (traded the Dodge for it at a Honda dealership in San Diego... not likely to ever get rid of this one)
'97 Chevy PU (can't beat having a full-size pickup around the house)
'98 Jaguar XJ8 (was to be my wife's dream car, but she doesn't like to drive it, therefore, it's for sale)
'93 Nissan Altima (wife's daily driver)

A Giulia Super then another '71 GTV. That would complete the Alfa stable in my opinion... a spider, a coupe, and a sedan.

Steven Leth
'66 Giulia Super / '86 Spider Graduate

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alfa of-corse
Posts: n/a
sport cars owned

started out with a chevy SS 396, wised up a little and switched to TR 3
another TR 3

and then saw the light, or more correctly a GTV that came around a hairpin with the inside front wheel off the ground (on a public road) in the 30 years since I've owned
3 Alfa spiders
2 105 coupes
1 Maserati 3500
2 Fiat X19 (loved them hated the rust)
I have also unfortuntly owned

1 overrated German (if the motor should be in the back why does it always want to be it the front every time I nail a tight corner)

1 overrated American (TPI does that stand for totally plastic imitation)

and as I do need simple transportation
more vw bugs that I care to admit

Rover 2000tc (Great car)
4 new Hondas followed by 4 new Subarus

and a series of pickup trucks

currently own
76 Spider
2003 Outback
82 1 ton 4wd pickup
70 Karmman Ghia

and AlwaysLookingFor Another GTV (with a Twin Spark and 45's)

saw a 1600 with a 1750 front clip on E-bay great combo
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Let's see,

* Several Jeeps - CJ3, CJ6 (Actually, technically my father paid for a lot of these, but I got to drive them a lot and did spend some of the money on them)
* A 1969 Citroen Ami 6 (Still under a tarp on my parent's property - so I guess I technically still own it).
* A 1988 Spider - European with Dual Webbers. My first proper sport car. Had to sell it when I moved to NYC in 1994 and has been Alfaless since. I still miss it.
* A 1993 Mazda Miata - bought it as a get out of NYC prize. Still own it and use it as my main transportation - maybe the best daily driver available if you do not need more space than 2 seats. Unfortunately, I do - so it might have to go. Among the most fun cars ever.
* A 1997 Jeep TJ - my wife drove it as a daily driver, and we had some fun with it - but it had tons of recalls and other problems, and after one year my wife was tired of driving what her father described as "rolling luggage" - so it was traded in for a
* 1997 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport - had this baby until my wife totaled it. Have been a big Subaru fan ever since - the perfect utility vehicle
* 2002 Subaru Impreza TS - Wife's current daily driver/family car - Everything the OBS was but with a bigger, smoother and more powerful engine, and better suspension. I honestly love this car.
* 2000 Birkin S3 "Lotus 7" - When I am in the mood, and the stars are aligned just right - I belive that this is the most fun 4 wheel vehicle ever. With 2.0L Zetec making 142BHP and around 1250lbs to carry around - it has Viper like power/weight ratio and Chapman designed suspension - nothing (road legal with 4 wheels) can change direction faster that this baby - and it is really quick. I will however, sell it for the right amount - whenever I am in the mood for white knuckle fun I tend to ride my bike - so the car is a bit redundant. Unfortunately, my wife hates riding in it - the suspension is too hard, there is too much wind buffeting and it is scary sitting in the passenger seat.

Currently looking for a backup family car/winter car - options are buying something cheap as an addition to the current stable (looked at early 90's Sentra SE-R's, mid 80's MB 190E etc...), Replace the Miata with something modern but fun to drive that will cost a bit more money - like a pre-2002 Impreza RS, or buy an old, cheap Alfa Berlina or Giulia Super as a 2nd "classic"/"specialty" car that can have a child seat in ememrgency situatuations and will be reasonable to drive in our wet winters (The Miata is OK, but visibility in it is limited on rainy dark nights).


Past: '88 Spider
Present: '69 GTV, '67 GT Jr.
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1973 Eldorado Convertible
Dads car, was mine until I left for College. I wish I still had it

1977 Lincoln Marv IV With the Lipstick Option (White with Red Pimp Striping) Another of Dad's cars. He gave it to me instead of selling it. Actually, nobody would buy this monstrosity. Me, I have no shame.

It died in the dealers lot as I picked up my first new car

1985 Spider Graduate
Dies an ignoble death 2 years later at the hands of a drunk in a 70's Cordoba. I walked away.

1987 Spider Graduate
Against my family's wishes, but hey, if I survived the first accident ..... Sold due to pressure from my BW. She still regrets the day. Nothing funnier than seeing a woman 8 months pregnant with twins get out of that drivers seat.

1989 Ford Tempo Company Car
1992 Dodge Spirit Company Car
1987 Dodge Minivan Used
Did I mention twins? fell apart after 3 months

1993 Plymouth Minivan
1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee (Never again!)


2002 Mazda MPV
2003 Ford Taurus New Comapny, New Company Car

1981 Spider
Bought on e-bay. Still in a garage a waiting to return to the road. When someone said Monofarfalle, I was thinking thats very little pasta! Am now learning about Spica

Nothing much available that I like. Maybe an Alfa Engined Locost (Don't let the BW hear that)
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