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07-05-2019 05:56 AM
gigem75 Super!!!!
07-05-2019 05:18 AM
IRONBLOCK Catastrophe averted! It is a good idea to teach your daughters how to check all the fluid levels and change a flat tire.

The Duetto engine is back together but the carburetors are being rebuilt and then all the 'while you're at its' are piling up.

Attachment 1574844

07-04-2019 08:48 PM
Shakey It's been over a year since the rebuild. Two days ago, I finally had my first leak.

I came home, and noticed a puddle on the driveway under the Alfa. My imagination went into overdrive, thinking of all the calamitous things that might have happened to an oil seal somewhere! Of course, the daughter hadn't noticed anything. was coolant. A hose clamp on the water pump had somehow worked loose, and was allowing antifreeze to drip onto the ground. I adjusted the hose a bit, installed a new clamp, and I'm back in business!

The Alfa is still doing great!
04-22-2019 02:38 PM
IRONBLOCK I'll attach photos of my 'liner removal tool' -although at this point it has not been very successful. Yesterday I went to Lowe's at 5:50 pm, just in time for them to close, despite their website saying they were open until 8 pm. I managed to pick up a 10" long bolt. No worries, I'll try again to find another 'tool' I can use.

It is hard for me to believe that the tiny little o-rings at the bottom of the cylinders really seals them in the block. I had imagined a hefty rubber seal about 5 or 10 mm thick; not a tiny rubber band.

Attachment 1562466

Attachment 1562468

Attachment 1562470

Attachment 1562472

04-21-2019 02:36 PM
930cabman Quite rough I know but I have removed stubborn liners with a large cold chisel. Some minor damage to the liner and block can occur but can be smoothed out with a Dremel.

Again, rough
04-21-2019 10:54 AM
Shakey @IRONBLOCK, I'd be very interested in seeing photos of the liner removal tool you fabricated!

I tried to tap the liners out from the bottom without much success. There's not much of a lip there to push against. I was concerned about scarring up the block and liners by using a metal rod, so I tried a large wooden dowel. The liners didn't budge, and it just chewed up the edges of the dowel...even with periodically shaving the end off with a miter saw, I didn't make progress.

I ended up using a method I found elsewhere on AlfaBB (I don't remember which thread). Working from the top side of the engine, I took two of the copper exhaust manifold gaskets, bent them into a U shape, and slipped them over opposite sides of the rim of the liners. I then took two Vice-Grips, and clamped them over the copper gaskets.

After soaking the bottom seal area of the liners in WD-40, I started applying back-and-forth pressure, and was eventually available to wiggle them free of the block. The copper gaskets keep the Vice-Grips from scoring the liners, and would have let me re-use them if not for other issues that made me want to replace them in the first place. You've got four copper gaskets to work with in case you need to change them out, but I was able to use the same two to remove all four liners.

The rubber liner seals were still in good condition when I removed them, but had been permanently reformed over time, and I wouldn't have been comfortable trying to re-use them. The mating surfaces of the block and liners had a bit of tarnish on them, but weren't corroded or anything.

I'd have to go back and re-read my posts, but if memory serves, I didn't use any additional sealant during reassembly. I cleaned those areas of the block, put the seal on the liner, shot some WD-40 on both components, and installed the liners. The seated height of all four liners checked out okay with the height of the block. Now, almost a year later, everything is still water in the oil, etc.
04-21-2019 08:32 AM
IRONBLOCK Kevin, back in the days when you were still looking for the 'smoking gun', I commented that I had a 1966 Duetto in similar condition. After a very short test drive, with my son, my engine stalled and refused to restart. Someone(?) carelessly put the distributor cap back on crooked, which resulted in the rotor contacting one of the lugs in the distributor cap when I tried again to start the car. Both pieces broke, so we towed the car back to the garage. Several months later, with a new cap, capacitor, rotor and battery the engine refused to turn over. Unfortunately it had locked up, just sitting in the garage.

The engine is out of the car now and scattered all about the garage. All of the pieces have been cleaned, repainted and the engine is being prepared for reassembly. Based on your 'findings' I really suspected the results of my engine tear down would closely parallel yours. When my bearing caps were removed, the bearing surfaces looked very much like yours (maybe identical). However, after the crankshaft was removed, two of the pistons (#1 & 2) were stuck in the cylinder bores and refused to come out. Eventually #2 piston and liner came out of the block as a unit! In my case, the pistons had rusted to the cylinders while the car was parked in the garage.

A friend with a 60 ton press pushed the piston out of the cylinder -so I could reuse the rod. I was able to 'beat' the pistons out of cylinder #1 and pistons #3 and 4 came out as well but have so far I have been unable to get the other cylinders out of the block. Yesterday I 'fabricated' a piston liner removal tool (if you can call using a Sawzall and a Grinder to modify an oil filter socket "fabrication").

Just for the record, when I reinstalled the crankshaft in my old journal bearings -without the pistons and rods, it spun over easily by hand.

The Spruell Motorsport 'stock' 1600 kit, with new gaskets and all Viton rubber seals is here, ready to go, once I get the old liners out of the block. I'll do a search for 'liner removal' but am open to suggestions.

03-04-2019 05:09 PM
gigem75 I used to live at Whiteman AFB and it does get cold there but 24 here tonight! give me a break
03-03-2019 07:40 PM
Originally Posted by gigem75 View Post
Just got my liners back from boring to 84.5 for the CA pistons. Crank and all are back from balancing. We had a warm spell a week or so ago and since I was waiting on all that I took my old MasterCraft out of the water and have been putting new floors in that. It got cold again so I resorted to using my Totalites from my video production days to heat up the resin so it would set. Lots of fun! glad to hear she's still humming along, Congrats!!!
You're a busy boy! It's been too cold for too long here to get anything done outside. I have car projects piling up!
03-03-2019 06:08 PM
gigem75 Just got my liners back from boring to 84.5 for the CA pistons. Crank and all are back from balancing. We had a warm spell a week or so ago and since I was waiting on all that I took my old MasterCraft out of the water and have been putting new floors in that. It got cold again so I resorted to using my Totalites from my video production days to heat up the resin so it would set. Lots of fun! glad to hear she's still humming along, Congrats!!!
03-03-2019 01:32 PM
Shakey I occasionally revisit this thread, to update notes and comments.

The Alfa is still doing great...not even any leaks!
02-28-2019 02:55 PM

It must be about time for another up-date. I am in the process of pulling the Duetto's engine and transmission -again after about 35 years. This thread is a wealth of information that took way too long to find again, so I am bumping it back up to the top.

Thanks for the 164-S wire looms you printed. I still need to provide the link to your drop box for others to use.

12-13-2018 03:09 PM
Originally Posted by 930cabman View Post
Great story and I agree the contributors on this forum are very helpful. How is your daughter doing behind the wheel?
Maybe a graduation present?

thanks again for sharing
The two daughters swap back-and-forth between the Alfa and '60 Impala. They both are doing very well; in fact, I rode with my oldest daughter the other day, and was very impressed with how she handled the car and shifted through city traffic.

If I could find another spider that wasn't too far away and not to expensive, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
12-07-2018 07:17 PM
dghii "If I knew then what I know now ................."

Funny that there are two sets of song lyrics that are polar opposites yet both profound. Choose your poison!

"I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger"
-The Faces (Ronnie Wood and Ronnie Wood) "Oh La La"

"I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then"
-Bob Seger, "Against the Wind"
12-07-2018 05:06 PM
930cabman "40 years younger" , thanks for the laugh. Many/most of us are older and either fight or accept or struggle with this aging nonsense. Personally I bounce between the three prior options.

If I knew then what I know now .................
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