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01-25-2015 04:43 PM
RKT ROY Ouch Robert!
I'm glad you didn't get hurt and the car is on it's way to being fixed.
The same thing happened to me which is why I left the track early. I'm lucky that I just broke my oil cooler which is in the nose of my car. Check out minute 3:40 of this video, I bet it will look familiar to you.

01-21-2015 09:21 PM
Racer Z Stopped by the dealer and looked at my car. Carbon fiber looks good. Lower control arm is bent. Ordered $6,300 worth of parts.
01-21-2015 12:02 PM
PSk BTW: defrosters on modern cars only work if the AC is on. In fact I am sure one of my cars used to turn the AC on automatically when you pushed the windscreen defroster button.

Would be interesting to see what the manual says.

And yeah pity about the off, but unlike some you are actually using yours and enjoying it. Fix her up and get back out there
01-21-2015 07:28 AM
Craig_m67 *L* .... Can I just say well done!!
(Great attitude)

Paint it maserati pearl blue!!

$17k for a wing/fender and some bits seems excessive.
01-21-2015 07:18 AM
Racer Z This is part of the risk involved with being on the track. I accepted that something like this might happen before I went out. I'd rather crash on the track than in the canyons. I'm a little let down, but not upset.
01-21-2015 04:51 AM
oz3litre What a pity! That's bad luck. At least you are being philosophical about it. I hope you have it back together soon.
01-20-2015 11:14 PM
Racer Z

Seven weeks, 3000 miles, 225 track miles, two hay bales and a concrete wall.

Yes, that's an 8C in the background.
Yes, you can see what's under the hood now.
Cold tires and to much enthusiasm.

The start of the Alfa Time Trial event.

The green wall below the bleachers is what I hit the next day. The rear end stepped out and I went along for the ride.

I'm OK, a little stiff and sore, most of which is normal after a race weekend. The seat belt worked! It kept me in my seat and from slamming forward into the steering wheel. The air bag didn't go off, probably cause I was in Race Mode.

The root cause of the crash is simple: "cold tires" don't grip as good as warm tires. Overheated tires don't grip as well as warm tires. My tires were still cool and I was pushing it to hard. It was the third turn of the first lap of the final event of the weekend.

The car has 60% of the weight on the rear axle. The rear end steps out before the front gets loose. Not enough throttle and the rear end breaks loose. To much throttle and the rear end breaks loose. To much speed and the read end breaks loose.

The P-Zero tires don't have the grip of a true track tire. They do better than most "street" tires.

Brakes work quite well. The fronts seem to skid before the rear, which is best for a street car.

On Saturday I let my father and brother drive it as well as myself. They both have years of track time at Willow Springs. Our run groups were back to back, half an hour each run. The car never overheated. Clutch / transmission light never came on. I was up first and when they came off track (into pits) I could smell the hot brakes. Not that it seemed to be a problem. Tires never heat faded.

It's a lot of car. More car than I've ever driven and my first rear weighted car. Did I mention the rear tires loose grip before the fronts? I'm ready for real tires and real pads now. I definitely need a racing seat and harness. My wife thinks I should stick to the 240Z as the repairs to it cost less. I bet I can buy a fully race-prepped 240Z for the cost of the repairs to my 4C.

Well, somebody had to be the first to wad-up a 4C. I was hoping it would be somebody else and I was hoping it wouldn't be this soon.

The car is at the dealers so they can examine the carbon fiber tub. If that's undamaged, the rest is just bolt-on parts.

I was having problems with my GoPro. It turned off for no reason shortly before the crash There was another 4C on the track with me. I should have good film (digital video) of him. I knew he was waiting on a car, but didn't know he had it yet. He has 500 miles on it and bought a second set of rims (17/18) and put on Pirelli Trfeo tires. His car seemed more composed than mine felt.

My brother took a few pictures of me on the track.

Looks like more body roll than I felt, actually, I never even noticed any body roll.

Both are at the same place, exiting turn three / entering turn four.

This was taken moments before I hit the wall.

Talked to my dealer today. They say the carbon fiber tub looks undamaged. That was my biggest concern. The wheel is bent and the lamp is cracked. Lamp is $900 dollars. Wheel is about $300. I asked if they can get the Euro fly-eyes since I have to replace the one. The preliminary estimate is $17k without paint. The new body panels will be primer and they tell me the side is scratched badly.

Tomorrow morning I have time to stop by and look at it. Will take some pictures. Some of the parts estimate is for parts that have small scratches that nobody will ever see. I'm concerned about structural things, not cosmetic things. If I can't see it from a normal viewing angle, I don't care. I can trim some of the 17k down.

Maybe I'll paint the car orange. I'm not going to try to color match it. Something that will go well with the red interior paint.
12-03-2014 09:35 PM
Racer Z
Originally Posted by Snail Bait View Post
Don't feel too bad about the mediocre defroster. My Miata is no better. If the AC worked it would help for sure.
If I remember right, your heater broke years ago.

Are you taking your 240Z to the track in January?
12-03-2014 09:20 PM
Snail Bait Don't feel too bad about the mediocre defroster. My Miata is no better. If the AC worked it would help for sure.
12-03-2014 12:44 PM
Vivace SO great to actually see one in someone's hands.

I like to hear about growl snarl spit.
12-03-2014 12:16 AM
oz3litre Thanks for posting your latest update Racer Z. With regard to the defroster; in my experience defrosters by themselves don't work too well on most cars. From memory, even the two Volvo 480s we owned weren't perfect in that regard. My 75 struggled when I was unable to use the aircon. I remember being amazed the first time someone demonstrated using their aircon to instantly defrost the windscreen to me years ago, so I wouldn't consider that a major fault with the 4C
12-02-2014 10:41 PM
Racer Z Drove to work in the rain today. Was temped to take the Abarth as it would do better in this type of weather. It was a real rain, near downpour at times. Used the 'A' mode and used my helium foot. Had to leave the lead foot at home. She did just fine. Never broke loose or got squirrelly.

It rain all day and on the way home too.

The defroster is a joke. The windows started fogging up. Turning the heat on and setting it to defrost seemed to make it worse. Both sides and the front.

The rear defogger works great. Both rear windows fogged up, the small horizontal and the bigger angled glass. Turned on the rear window defogger and both panes cleared up.

The front and sides just kept getting worse. About the time I was ready to pull over and look for a rag, I remembered something. I have A/C. All A/C units have a 'dryer'. So I hit the A/C switch and twisted the knob to cold. In seconds the glass cleared up, all three.

It was a long slow drive, idling in second on the Highway at times. So I had time to play with things. Not that thing, get your mind out of the gutter. Leaving the A/C on and setting the heat control to where I was comfortable is what worked best. :idea:

I played with the radio for a while. What a hunk of junk. In 'A' mode at slow speeds the radio can heard because the car is quiet. The radio actually goes quite loud. It sounds like dog water. It is hard to use the controls.

My conclusion: Leave it alone and never ever turn it on again. Or, toss it in the trash and replace it along with the cheap speakers. As a daily driver, stuck in slow traffic for two hours a day, a real radio seems in order. Seeing the Alfa logo is not a substitute for bad music.

When I told my wife about the defroster not working, she told me to take it back to the dealer and get it fixed. "But it's an Alfa. It's got to at least one minor problem."
12-01-2014 10:56 PM
Racer Z
Originally Posted by ALFAB4U View Post
What class will your 4C run in? I'm guessing N. Really looking forward to seeing you run!

2450 pounds
240 HP

10.2 Wt/HP

+ 2.0 for street tires
- 0.5 for automated manual transmission (twin clutch paddle shift)

11.7 = Bottom of N

I liked the 10.2 better at top of N
12-01-2014 03:06 PM
Originally Posted by Racer Z View Post
The attention just never stops. I'm not complaining. I knew this was part of the deal. I'm proud to an Ambassador of Alfa Romeo.
That's fantastic! I love your very entertaining reports.
12-01-2014 02:21 PM
ALFAB4U What class will your 4C run in? I'm guessing N. Really looking forward to seeing you run!
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