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Rik 11-07-2008 11:29 PM

Calling Christchurch Alfisti
Hi Guys, (and girls... are there any sheilas on this forum?)

I've recently come back into the fold after a 5 year 'holiday' away from Alfas. I've bought a Blue Alfetta GT reg number LF 9884. According to the chap i bought it from it has a reco'd engine. He didn't supply any service history and had only owned it for a year or so, so the reco'd engine may be a myth. Generally the car appears to be in pretty good condition, a little rough around the edges but nothing major.

Basically what I'm asking for here is if anybody knows anything about this car, especially the engine reco'. It's had a lot of owners over the years and I think it's perhaps been a little neglected in its more recent past. I'd like to get it back to something closer to its former glory as I believe these cars deserve it.

On the drive from the rail depot out to my place in West Auckland there was a smile a mile wide on my face, the sound is fantastic and the trigger throttle response is addictive... I love Alfas...:D

Cheers in advance,

Rik ;)

NZAlfa75 11-08-2008 02:30 AM

My first Alfa had a reconditioned engine. It had a lovely knocking noise from the big ends too... :rolleyes:

Rik 11-08-2008 03:37 AM

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Here it is then, the source of my wifes frustration...

alfavirusnz 11-08-2008 03:48 AM

Rik, was that Le Mans Blue GT owned by a Gary Martini 20 or so years ago? There aren`t many GT`s let alone that colour around. If this is the same car its certainly been well looked after in the past.
My son, with our white Alfetta GTV ,was approached by the previous owner to your vendor and I seem to remember him saying that new pistons & liners were put in. Was the lh door card with the car?-those door cards are special to the GTs. I think my son did mention it had some rust in the sills but overall good condition. Nice basis for a restoration.

Richard J

`65 Giulia Ti, `69 GT Junior, `74 GTV 2000, `76 Alfetta GTV, `77 Alfetta GTV, `81 Giulietta, `84 GTV6.

Rik 11-08-2008 12:31 PM


Thanks for the reply. I don't know the details of the previous owners as I don't have the documents back from the LTSA yet. I'll check up on it though. There's a couple of old AROC stickers in the windows, that's why I thought somebody must recognise it.

All the interior is there, the door cards are in pretty good shape actually. The same can't be said for the window winder mechanism, it's pretty buggered.

There is a little bit of surface rust in the sills and at the bottom of the doors, but nothing to get stressed out about. It's a had a respray in the recent past and it's a bit rough in places but it is the original colour, I thought it was a bit 'too blue' but now reckon it's quite cool. If your gonna have a silly car it may as well be in a silly coulour!

Thanks again for the info.


alfavirusnz 11-08-2008 12:48 PM

Nothing wrong with the colour, it was a carry over from the later 105 series and makes it stand apart from the more common colours, not that Alfetta coupes are commonplace anyway. I`ve always thought that colour looks smart and period be it the later 105 Berlinas or Coupes or a 116 Coupe or Berlina. Seemed to carry through to about `75/`76
The door mechanisms are a cable device and what usually happens is the nylon/plastic drum disintegrates -we`ve had to do them on the driver`s side of our Alfetta coupes. Either that or the guide wheels seize.

Richard J

`65 Giulia Ti, `69 GT Junior, `74 GTV 2000, `76 Alfetta GTV, `77 Alfetta GTV, `81 Giulietta, `84 GTV6.

Rik 11-08-2008 08:08 PM

The drum isn't too bad, still usable i think and the guides are good. The cable itself has been getting dragged through the drum and causing a major jam up. It looks like someone has had a go at fixing it without really coming to grips with how its supposed to work. It seems pretty straight forward in theory, I'll have to get a new wire though and I guess it'll all have to be tensioned up which could be tricky.

No doubt it'll involve a bit of swearing...

alfavirusnz 11-08-2008 10:32 PM

I`ve also replaced just the wire-got some stainless of the correct diameter from a place specialising in control wires for boats & aircraft-wasn`t dear either.

Richard J

`65 Giulia Ti, `69 GT Junior, `74 GTV 2000, `76 Alfetta GTV, `77 Alfetta GTV, `84 GTV6.

azzaob 01-06-2009 10:56 AM


Originally Posted by Rik (Post 670044)
The drum isn't too bad, still usable i think and the guides are good. The cable itself has been getting dragged through the drum and causing a major jam up. It looks like someone has had a go at fixing it without really coming to grips with how its supposed to work. It seems pretty straight forward in theory, I'll have to get a new wire though and I guess it'll all have to be tensioned up which could be tricky.

No doubt it'll involve a bit of swearing...

Hi Rik

One person who might be able to help/give advice is Fred Lennard, who has a red GT similar to yours[ and a Montreal]. He has always been very friendly and approachable in helping Auckland Alfisti with little things to do with Alfas. He runs Gale Plastic Moulding in Marua Rd, Ellerslie. He is there most of the time and was very helpful to me a few years back when I had a Guilietta that had sticking brakes.

Hope this helps and a very nice and unique car you have there. I trust it has lived up to your expectations so far?

Regards, Aaron

Rik 01-06-2009 05:00 PM


Thanks very much for that. I've saw a red Alfetta on Marua Road a few years back, know doubt it was the very chap. I'll give him a call when I get the time.

As far as living up to expectations... it's been in the garage since I got it home!! I found a little bit of... whisper it... rust in the classic Alfetta area so I've carried out a little... whisper it again... repair which will see it through a WOF until I can figure out my next move. I've had the brake master cylinder and booster reco'd as it was leaking a tremendous amount of fluid which caused most of the paint to be stripped off the back of the engine bay. Very messy. It was when tidying this up i found the little spot of rust.

What with the holidays and the inevitable excesses, it's been a struggle finding the time to get into it. A shame really as the weather is fantastic at the moment and I'd love to take out for a drive.

Thanks again.

azzaob 01-06-2009 09:17 PM

he he...rust he he...i found some serious rust on the 90 I got a few months back, it had a bogged over piece of steel which looked from the outside fine until load went on it [it was above a jacking point] and the jack shot thru the I am going to have to have some seriously solid and $$$ welding done to it....

Anyway if you don't have the Haynes Alfetta manual I have a spare copy which you are welcome to if you want to pick it up from Meadowbank. Let me know by a PM if you do?


Rik 01-07-2009 03:08 PM

Thanks for the offer Aaron, the first thing I did when I bought it was nip down to Techbooks and get a copy of the Haynes manual. I've also got both of Pat Bradens books which are full of good info.

Regarding the rust , I'm considering buying a little Mig welder and having a go myself in the future. $500-$600 should get something that will handle welding sheetmetal. Combined with a healthy sense of optimism I think it should be cheaper than a panelbeater.

Thanks again.

alfavirusnz 01-07-2009 03:36 PM

That`s what I did Rik. Any of the welders on sale are pretty good-I bought a Ryobi 135E which turned out to be an Italian Deca rebadged for our market. It has proven to be well up to what is required, however I do recommend getting the kit that allows you to use a D bottle of argoshield -you require regulators with the guages, hose and when you can afford it buy the gas bottle (BOC no longer lease). You will find the small disposable bottles to be too expensive and a little haphazard in supply (they are imported).
A lot of the base work can be done with flux cored wire (welding where not seen etc) so you don`t need gas all the time but in weighing up the economics you`re not saving a huge amount as the flux cored wire is way more expensive than the normal mig wire.-I`ve run experiments by the way and providing surfaces are clean etc you can weld satisfactorily with practise without the flux cored wire/no shielding gas. Gas shielding is good for external welds and where you want to minimise filing/grinding & cleanup and look much better. The smoke generated by the flux coating is also a less desirable extra affect.
If you haven`t already search the site for Beatle Bailey`s photos of the 116 GT/GTV structure as he cut one to pieces for disposal and took pics of things like sill / A pillar and base of windscreen construction which is really useful. There is also a European restoration (Romanian guy I think) of a car you and I would have thought beyond saving which has good photos and provides great inspiration for those "downer moments"

Rik 01-07-2009 05:58 PM

Thanks for the welder info Richard.

I served my time as a fitter turner so I've done 'old school' mma/stick welding. I was going to find a night school course at the local community college to get me up to speed with MIG. In my somewhat limited experiance I've learned that theory is fine but you only really learn when you get up and have a go yourself.

Funnily enough I checked out those threads you mentioned over the holidays and the beautiful restoration of the Euro GTV. That is what I aspire to, however it may take some years and a lot of persuading of 'her in doors'.

I didn't buy the car with the intention of doing a major rebuild, it was to be a fun car for the summer weekends. However, the more I look on this site and others (especially European sites), I can see that original GT's are quite rare indeed, and therefore worth saving.

I've noticed the North Americans seem more into GTV6's. I guess the old GT/GTV's that were imported were strangled by emissions regs and therefore quite sluggish. And what with the salt on the roads, the mid to late '70s cars probably didn't last long.

Although I've always liked the GTV6, I find the shape of the old chrome bumper model nice and uncluttered.

alfavirusnz 01-08-2009 02:03 AM

Quite agree Rik, I think the early 116 coupes are some of the best cars Alfa produced looks wise-that`s why I have them. They were also interesting technically and quite radical in their layout in an idealised engineers/racing car type of way. I think one of the reasons they are not yet as popular (but slowly getting so in Europe) is maybe their looks suggest more performance than they offered-although again in their day the 2 litre in particular was quicker than average (and had the braking and handling plus an excellent competition history). What I find difficult to reconcile is the fact that contempory road tests thought they were pretty good too even allowing for the 1/3 of journalists finding the gearchange difficult-hardly the majority but that opinion seems to have dominated in later years. The first versions withthe stainless bumpers are arguably the best looking and the quirkiness of the interior appeals as it is different (and not totally hopeless in function).
I`ve got a GTV6 too and I think that is nice looking too but it is a totally different car-not the same as comparing Bertone coupes with different sized versions of the twin cam four.
As you are fitter and turner trained I`d be tempted to just give it a go like I did-(I did law at university,so no trade background whatsoever but practical) and just read, and practise on scrap-it`s not hard.

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