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Conversation Between divotandtralee and papajam
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  1. papajam
    10-25-2018 04:11 AM - permalink
    Checking into it.
  2. divotandtralee
    10-24-2018 06:02 PM - permalink
    jim, I'm being censored by your people.. I want to know why my post directed at another member was censored and his post remained. None of it was off color but to the poiunt to stop harassing me. and my posts I smell a California connection in your group. Re; Restorations. Glue the subject. Osso.. was the reply to and it was this evening between 6PM and 8:30 PM EDT.
  3. divotandtralee
    08-07-2018 07:29 PM - permalink
    Thank you, James.. very effective
  4. divotandtralee
    06-14-2013 06:59 PM - permalink
    Thanks Jim, I have a message on the ATE hotline asking. They didn't know the answer but Monday might. I''d like to snag the part for the shelf.
  5. divotandtralee
    06-14-2013 07:52 AM - permalink
    Jim, Can you tell me if this will interchange witha booster 3.6142-1701.4 on my '72 Giulia Super 1.3 (euro)?
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