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  1. JBWesterwick
    06-15-2018 06:14 PM - permalink
    Apologize for the long PM. I have a no start 86 Veloce. I read threads, most recently the "87 Spider No start." I read the L-Jetronic diagnosis - brilliant. Today I did:

    New fuel/air filters. Fuel pump works when key turned/connections cleaned. Fluids (oil/diff/tranny) changed.
    Air hoses checked/re-tightened. Oil recovery canister -hoses clear. Cracks repaired with shoe-goo.
    Battery- 12.53 v / 11.47v during cranking.
    Ground straps removed/cleaned/greased/replaced: Battery ground/Transmission/body/rear engine block and two under the AAV
    FI ECU connector cleaned (in-line fuse- OK/not replaced). Fuse Block- ok/not replaced.
    Position sensors:
    Black- No reading
    Grey- 1020
    CTS- 1880
    TTS G/W- 37 W/gnd- 000 G/gnd- 37
    CSI good flow/spray
    VVT- no click

    I have to r/r the upper flywheel sensor and look at the AAV. Questions- since the CSI had good spray should I assume the fuel pressure is good? Where do I go from here?

    Barry Westerwick
    Portsmouth VA
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