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Conversation Between Chi Si Dici and tarnow
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  1. Chi Si Dici
    10-30-2015 08:13 AM - permalink
    Chi Si Dici
    Well, unfortunately the buying and selling idea is a joke for many. Unfortunately, most of the stupidity comes from seasoned BB members. They seem to have an opinion about every item sold. Last year I sold my practically perfect '67 Super and when I posted, I had this moron send me personal messages explaining why I should lower the price of MY car. He had no interest in buying, yet he was offended that I was asking $20K too much. Regardless, I sold my car for full price because reasonably people understand the time and money it takes to complete a matter how silly they believe it is. Best thing to do is speak up, people are tired of the same BS.
  2. tarnow
    10-29-2015 08:25 PM - permalink
    I wanted you to know that I agree wholeheartedly with your recent post regarding the level and volume of petty, arrogant, and mean spirited criticism that now permeates the ABB classifieds. Last year I sold my very nice, tutti originale '69 Giulia Super. My selling strategy was as follows: 1)I posted a message (not as strongly as yours) that expressed my distaste for the level criticism found on the ABB classifieds. 2)In the post I made mention that I was going to sell my car in a month or so but 3)I would not be posting on the ABB. 4)Within three days of the post I heard from 5 local potential buyers.
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