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  1. user459
    11-21-2015 04:38 AM - permalink

    The Pal nuts I have are 1/2 - 20 thread, 3/4" hex head. They are stamped and plated lock nuts. They are not sized as metric, but they don't seem to know the difference! I used trial and error to order boxes of these and to some up with acceptable substitutes. They fit M12 - 1.5 and M12 -1.25 threads equally well. I found that they work well and are a match for those used on suspension components. They can easily be black oxide coated and oiled.

    I did not find a match for the 10mm Palnuts. I have a few originals, but not enough to make up the dozen you require and leave me with spares. Also, I found that there are two different 10mm Palnuts. One is 14mm hex head and the other 17mm hex head.

    If you'd like, I can send the 4 12mm palnuts.

  2. 750sprint
    11-17-2015 06:43 PM - permalink

    Thanks for your offer to share some of your pal nuts. I am in need of the 10mm and 12mm sizes. So far the only supplier I have found has a minimum box count of of 500. I could use a dozen of the 10mm, and 4 of the 12mm. Glad to pay for the lock washers and postage if you can supply. My apologies for not responding more quickly to your offer, I forget to check for PM.

    Vern Liesinger
    181 Braunda Drive
    Roseburg, Oregon 97471
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