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Conversation Between Velocess and Andrew
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  1. Andrew
    03-29-2018 12:57 PM - permalink
    What VIN is the white Super? If no one told me about it I don't know it.
  2. Velocess
    03-29-2018 12:39 PM - permalink
    Hey Andrew, I didn't see my Giulia Super listed on the registry website, not sure what happen...

    I have the white '67 with "ALFINA" plates. Thanks, Tony Galletta
  3. Velocess
    06-26-2013 01:12 PM - permalink
    Is there a way I can email you pics?
  4. Andrew
    06-26-2013 01:05 PM - permalink
    Well, in exemplary form about $25,000. As a runner needing mechanical and body work, maybe $7500. As a rusty shell sitting in a field, free with perhaps no takers. Would need a little more info to hazard a guess.
    Project cars on ebay, that need a ton of work tend to go for a couple grand if not terminally rusty. Typically buyers are sorry when they see what they have.

  5. Velocess
    06-26-2013 12:49 PM - permalink

    Trying to get a sense of what a '67 Super is worth. Best described as "abandoned," it belonged to a friend that recently passed away. Let me know how to email you pics. Thanks,
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