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  1. user459
    08-05-2008 07:10 PM - permalink
    I have yet to install my windshield and am in the same boat. Mine is completely disassembled as I got mine as a basket case. I have managed to acquire all of the right (?) pieces and hope to get it done when my car comes back from paint. I have fabricated the funny shaped gaskets that go under the posts.

    I'm not a big fan of all that slippery stuf and string, etc. I have installed a windshield in my 79 Spider without resorting to that, twice. I've had discussions with several prople about the process, and the one that makes the best sense is Tom Lesko, the president of our chapter of AROC, Alfa Owners of New England. He says to assemble the frame and glass and then install the whole assembly on the car as a unit!

    Good Luck,
  2. Harmon
    08-04-2008 11:17 AM - permalink
    I am replacing the windshield on my 65 Giulia Spider. The glass shop that replaced it last must have done it for their first time because the rubber gaskets obviously weren't installed correctly. I have reassembled it using the original rubbers, for practice. It was like simultaneously pushing three soapy, slimey parts in three directions while they all want to slide away in nine directions. Three times ! But I'm still not sure of how they should be finished/trimmed off.
    Gordon Raymond advised that perhaps perfectionist you may have or could provide photos of the finished corners and how the cloth on the dash visor fits under the windshield's bottom rubber seal.
    The other side of Florida
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