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  1. jvico
    01-22-2018 11:43 AM - permalink
    Hey Rich,

    I visited you a while back at your shop. I have a set of 14 inch Alfa steel wheels with Alfa sombreo caps and new Kumho tires I need to sell.
    If you or anyone you know could use them please let me know. I recently moved out to California and left them behind in St. Clair Shores.

    John Vico
  2. jvico
    03-28-2015 07:02 PM - permalink

    I noticed that you are located in the Pointes. I'm in St. Clair Shores. Sorry to bother you, but I was hoping to get some help in local repair shops. Trail Auto is way to busy and to inconvenient for me to get there and leave my Alfa with him. I recently replaced the Giubo on my 86 Spider and unfortunately think I may have caused more issues. If you happen to know of any trust worthy shops in our area, that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your help and time,
    John Vico
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