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  1. gprocket
    03-29-2017 09:40 AM - permalink
    Boy I wish I had better news for you. These lids are a real pain. The springs have to be strong to lift the lid open but it also forces the lid up when closed and then the seal adds to it. I think this constant force wears the hinges over time. We actually install the seal and the lid and make adjustments before paint. You might be able to open the slots up a bit more to get it down more but it will bottom out on the bottom of the hinge bracket. No easy solution that I've found...
  2. jeboniface
    03-29-2017 07:06 AM - permalink
    Great looking duetto on BAT. I have finished the restoration on my duetto and have a question for you. I purchased a new trunk seal from ClassicAlfa in England. It is too tall and forces the lid to sit proud all the way around. I had it in place for over 6 months hoping it would compress but no luck. I removed it and readjusted the hinges to lower the trunk. Can you tell me where you sourced yours?
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