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Conversation Between Anfanuts and azALFAowl
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  1. Anfanuts
    12-27-2018 06:50 PM - permalink
    Just saw this sorry. NO I did not, and this is a good reminder to pull the OVS and clean it and flush the oil return line out. I think a filter woiuld just plug from the crud anyway.
  2. Anfanuts
    07-05-2018 05:38 AM - permalink
    Refresh my memory on this? Can you link the post? If I said that and I might have because that return line picks up the sewage of the system, it makes sense. I might opt for a "P trap and drain line. That line was so plugged with crud I'm not even sure it was draining anything unless it was regularly purged.
  3. azALFAowl
    07-04-2018 04:45 PM - permalink
    Back in 24Nov08 (how time flys) you mentioned trying an in-line filter in the oil return line of the OVS. Did you ever get around to doing this or come up with another solution to keep the junk from the OVS from draining into the crankcase?anks Paul
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