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  1. Alfissimo Int.
    03-29-2019 05:41 PM - permalink
    Alfissimo Int.
    Ed, thats freakin brilliant!!! Please keep me posted on how it turns out. I suspect you can sell those for a pretty penny! They are a pathetic company that I no longer will deal with. 3 times in bankruptcy. Products do not fit and lousy customer service or lack of any.

    Sting them!

    Nice job!!
  2. ecohen2
    03-29-2019 05:03 PM - permalink
    Hey Jason,

    A while back you responded to my question about CSC Time and I greatly appreciated that. Since that time I have gone around in circles with Katia claiming that she shipped something and then didn't. The latest is that she sent me a shipping label, but when I check of course nothing has been shipped. I finally got frustrated enough that I looked for an alternative way to recoup my cost. I managed to buy CSC TIME - CSC Time and CSC TIME - CSC Time. I suspect CSC either never registered them or let them expire. My plan is to sell them to a competitor or someone who sells performance exhaust systems. My preference is still just to get CSC to honor the warranty and send me a replacement.

    Any more words of advice on how to deal with them would be greatly appreciated..

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