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  1. Alfissimo Int.
    07-22-2016 12:16 PM - permalink
    Alfissimo Int.
    What do you think of this? Old springs back in. Front R- 16" from center cap to fender lip, L- 15.5"

    Now before I look like a complete moron here, I have done springs 100 times on these cars and am pretty sure I installed it properly. Yet look at these pics. Notice that one second coil sits on the rear of the first coil (this is the higher side). Weird?

    High side:

    Side that seems normal at 15.5"


    I may pull the spring and swap the direction and see what that does or install new ones. Let me know what you think? Thanks and hope all is well.

  2. Alfissimo Int.
    07-05-2016 05:41 PM - permalink
    Alfissimo Int.
    I appreciate it! Thank you! Happy 4th or 5th....
  3. Alfisto Steve
    07-05-2016 01:11 PM - permalink
    Alfisto Steve
    crank pulley nut 173 ft lb
    cam pulley acorn nut 71.6 to 86.3 ft lb.
  4. Alfissimo Int.
    07-05-2016 11:43 AM - permalink
    Alfissimo Int.
    Hi Steve,

    Could you do me a huge favor and give me the torque specs for Camshafts (~45 Lb-ft) (12V) and crankshaft (~175 lb-ft)? I am on vacation and shop that is working on a 164L needs it. Thanks for your time.
  5. Alfisto Steve
    06-16-2015 10:40 AM - permalink
    Alfisto Steve
    That totally alfa cam pulley puller is what I am mailing to you today via USPS pri mail.
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