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Conversation Between John Gallagher and dj91alfa
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  1. John Gallagher
    01-03-2011 12:38 PM - permalink
    John Gallagher
    That could be an issue, but check all the air connections between the AFM and the plenum. Sounds very much like false air.
  2. dj91alfa
    01-03-2011 08:38 AM - permalink

    The car will idle great. when I accelerate it cuts out.
    I am going to change the fuel filter and test the fuel pressure.
  3. John Gallagher
    01-01-2011 08:44 PM - permalink
    John Gallagher
    I don't have a rev problem. I posted a response indicating a potential solution to someone else's problem. Does that help?
  4. dj91alfa
    12-30-2010 05:15 AM - permalink

    Did you find the rev problem on your car.
    I am having the same problem on my 91 Spider.

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