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sccarally 03-10-2016 02:44 PM

DFW: Road Rally Invitation
Last year's spring road rally, the Spaghetti Western Rally was so popular, we thought we would repeat it.

This time, we are starting in Sachse, and instead of Nocona, our destination is Paris, Texas. Probably no bluebonnets yet, but still a fun country drive. We will end at the Lamar County Historical Museum, housed in an old restored Union Station depot. You can browse the museum while we prepare for the awards ceremony.

The event is Saturday, March 26. To register, go to .

We had a classic battle between Team Corvette and Team Mustang at our last event, with Team Mustang coming out on top. We will form a Team for any 3+ cars of the same make or club. One Alfa entered our last rally.

Any street-legal car with two or more people old enough to read can enter. No special car prep is necessary. Just bring a clip board and a pencil, and you are ready to go. There is a First Timer's class, in case you have never done this before. You will drive about 110 miles to Paris following a certain route, finding various signs and landmarks along the way. The cars that follow the rules and find the most answers will take home trophies.

Join us! We are still the biggest SCCA rally program in the nation, in terms of car count.


sccarally 03-21-2016 12:09 PM

Saturday looks great for a drive in the country: 73 degrees and mostly sunny. Mazda, Mustang, and Corvette are represented, of course, but even Lincoln, SAAB, and Plymouth will be there. The only make with enough cars to form a team at the moment is Mustang. Why not go to and join us?

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