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Alfamallorca 12-02-2018 01:42 AM

1750 gtv -69 restoration
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Hello Alfa lovers! My name is Mathias, and I always loved classic cars. I have had a string of them over the years, including Beatles, Fords, BMWs, Jags, Porsches, Ferraris and of course Alfas. Currently I have a Jensen Interceptor MkIII as my classic ride. But I seem to be returning to Alfas, and especifially the 1750 GTV. In january this year, I was able to buy a series 1 from 1969 that needed rescuing. It is the 3rd 1750 I have had the pleassure of owning.
This car has been off the road for 20 years. The car was sold new in Stockholm in August 1969, and is still registered in Sweden. The complete history of the car is known and documented.
When I found it, it was in a terrible state, and a lot of work will be needed and already has gone into the car to bring it back as you will see in the pictures that will follow.
A full restoration was commissioned and work begann in June this year. Now 6 months in, we are starting to see the end of the bodywork. We aim to paint the car towards the end of January. It was Giallo Ocra from the factory, but I am leaning towards the unusual special order Blu Chiaro AR537.
I will be posting in this thread as a documention of the restoration.
First a couple of pictures as found, and then car stripped and all parts laid out and assesed.

Alfamallorca 12-02-2018 05:56 AM

The horrors hiding in the body
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Terrible state indeed.....All filler and rust and very bad repairs........Half the body needs to be cut out and replaced.......

Alfamallorca 12-02-2018 06:31 AM

and moore........
5 Attachment(s) of what we found....

1750GT 12-02-2018 08:24 AM

Welcome to the AlfaBB. Interesting challenge you have there. It looks like your body man went full tilt into tearing the bad pieces out..... I hope you don't mind receiving any free advice ...but make sure to check meticulously the door seal gaps before finalising the sills and the outer gaps to the bodywork. On my car, I fitted the seal retainers, new seals and the door latches completely and checked how they closed and compressed from the inside....before moving on to the outer door gaps. Of course if your body man is experienced with these cars he will mostly likely already know this and more. I wish you well in the completion of this project.:smile2:

Alfamallorca 12-02-2018 09:21 AM

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Thank you ! And yes. My body man has more experience with complex metalwork than most panelbeaters. The last car done prior to mine was the DBS you see in the background in one of the pictures. A more complex body to restore is hard to find. Here are more pictures were you can see metal starting to go back in.

Alfamallorca 12-02-2018 09:25 AM

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Inner and out rear fenders as well as floors also coming back together

BigMart 12-03-2018 06:47 AM

Great photos

Alfamallorca 12-03-2018 11:06 AM

parallell tasks
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While the bodyshop is doing all the hard work, parallell to that other tasks are being carried out. Although the car was pretty much complete, some items were in fact missing, and some parts were deemed beyond rescue. Many hours have been spent online in search for parts. A Battaini jack and a set of on board tools were on the list of parts missing altogether. Managed to source from USA a replica canvas tool rool. FRom Denmark and England and Italy some of the tools. The screwdrivers are in fact still available new from the original supplier USAG, complete with leather reenforced wooden handles. So if you are missing yours, they are easy to replace, and you dont need to pay the crazy prices I have seen asked for these. Missing in my set is still the 19x21 box spanner, then my toolkit is complete. Anyone?

Alfamallorca 12-03-2018 11:14 AM

battaini jack
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The jack was sourced in Germany. It is now being restored. It was missing the rubber bung supposed to protect the body of your car when you use the jack, but that little pc is also available from specialists. My advice to all of you who still have an original jack in your car: Be VERY carefull. It may no longer be safe to use. The screw inside these jacks is made out of a metal that seems to be a bit brittle after 50 years. I suggest to replace both the screw as well as the gears before using the original jack.
So far, we have only been able to find 1 of the missing spring clips holding the jack in the boot. Still looking for one more of those.

Alfamallorca 12-04-2018 12:18 AM

parking ticket holder
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This is the now sourced parking ticket holder which sits inside the mappocket on the passagnerside.
Also managed to find the bracket and screw that holds the spare in place. Still missing though is the bracket that will be welded to the center of the spare wheels well. I also enclose a reference picture I found from the correct and original "setup" in the boot of a 1969 car. You can see the spring clips holding the jack, the jack, and the sparewheel in its well held down with the correct screw and retainer. Also, the reference picture shows the correct ( for a 1969 1750 GTV ) CMR wheel with ears to hold the hubcups. The only detail missing is actually the small CMR sticker on the rim. Probably fell off after such a long time.

Alfamallorca 12-04-2018 12:38 AM

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In this reference picture, you can see the bracket in the center of the well that I am still looking for.

quadrifolio 12-04-2018 06:36 AM

I may have that piece, and Im very close to you, in Alicante, let me have a look and will let you know

Alfamallorca 12-04-2018 01:03 PM

Thank you! Much appreciated!

Alfamallorca 12-06-2018 10:26 AM

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After the car was stripped, some parts were sent to specialists for restoration. Now back is all the stainless steel trim, straight and polished, the original WEBER carburrettors, and the gearbox.

Alfamallorca 12-06-2018 11:01 AM

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And some "before, during and after" shots of the front end. I think possibly I have the best car body experts in the world working on my car. To be able to rescue a car from the condition we found it in like that requires a LOT of skill and experience. I will be following up with pictures when trim, rubber nd locks are back on the body to make sure it all fits with even gaps just as 1750GT from Canada pointed out. Very proud.

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