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Renee721 11-22-2017 08:49 AM

2017 Giulia TI Lemon
Hi Everyone,
Just a word of warning if you are considering buying a Giulia TI. After reading Consumer Reports and Car and Driver I bought a new Giulia TI, 2017, in February 2017. At 3,955 miles the car spent 14 days in the shop for a fluid lead at the transmission output shaft seal. On November 2, 2017, at 9,000 miles, the car's fuel pump broke in rush hour traffic and then the entire electrical system shut down. The car spent another 13 days in the shop. The cumulative time in the shop in the first 8 months has been 27 days.

Chrysler offered me $1,500 to compensate for the inconvenience but in order to receive the money asked me to sign a waiver of liability so that I would not be able to enact a Lemon Law complaint in the future. Of course, I am declining this offer and have every expectation that the car will break down again soon and I will satisfy the Lemon Law provisions. Unless you have another car to use I recommend staying away from the Giulia TI.

Vsix 11-22-2017 09:52 AM

so If you have bad example all Giulias are bad?

ossodiseppia 11-22-2017 10:55 AM

Your only post and it's bashing the car that you bought? This can and does happen to other makes and models of cars. The car was fixed under warranty and the manufacturer offered you some cash for your inconvenience. That sounds like you are being well cared for by the manufacturer.

Michael Smith 11-22-2017 02:39 PM

Transmissions are supplied by ZF. That same transmission equips BMW, Jaguar, Ford, GM etc etc. Not Alfa failure.

Software glitches did occur in early build cars. Nothing wrong with the car but annoying nonetheless. Stop start issue was said to be associated with use of the remote start feature. All those bugs are supposedly fixed by now with updates installed in all Giulias.

I call BS on the fuel pump failure. These are also not made by Alfa and are standard products probably from Bosch. Anyway, low mileage failures of modern electric fuel pumps are almost unheard of.

I'd take the $1,500 and smile. That's a lot of money for such minor inconvenience. Warranty will still cover every defect for what four more years? Sounds like all your gremlins occurred at once. Not sure why you posted the link to the bill of sale and only two work orders.

RoryJ 11-22-2017 02:59 PM

You should have taken the $1500. Sorry to say, sympathy will probably be a little hard to come by on this forum. An Alfa Romeo of any vintage is not a great choice for most single-car households unless your need for a working car is very flexible. These are semi-exotic cars with typical Italian build quality (not great).

I'm not saying these newer Alfas don't have issues that the dealers (and the brand) need to fix. I was driving the new Alfa Stelvio with 2200 miles on it the other day. At a stop light on an incline, pushed the gas... car didn't do anything and began rolling backwards downhill and all interior electronics went dead. Two seconds later, car worked normally again.

It's an Alfa.

sloboy89 11-22-2017 03:08 PM

Sorry to hear about your experience. Most folks here are rooting for Alfa to succeed, but they definitely have had some problems so far. I know that FCA has been required to buy back several Giulias under California's lemon law.

not2old4toys 11-22-2017 05:41 PM

I tend to agree with Renee721. I certainly would not sign away my legal rights. Hey, we all want FCA to succeed. I hope this category was created so that owners can share their experiences with this new Alfa. Yes, some may experience more issues than other owners but coming down on them is not the answer.
From what I have read FCA may be experiencing problems not expected and delays with repairs have been problematic. Their network of dealers is just not comprehensive enough to cover every owner in every locale, especially in low population areas. We only have one dealership in a area of over 1 million and they also serve Fiat.
I am hoping to use owner feedback to decide whether to buy by heart or common sense. Since it would primary be my spouses drive I am leaning toward a marque that has 3-4 dealerships locally, plus almost one in every major city in Oregon. I know...not that many.
I appreciate all owners input. I believe it's important to the owner, but maybe more so to FCA.
Since we are not the ones sitting along the roadside waiting for a tow, let's cut some slack.
Cheers, Jon

Milanoguy 11-22-2017 08:39 PM


The documents you posted show your home address, cell phone number, and personal email address. In an age of identify theft, this is a very bad idea. Please remove the attachment, and if you decide to re-post it, remove the personal identifying information.

Sorry to hear that you and your new Gulia, aren't getting along.


velocedoc 11-24-2017 05:00 PM

When you have 10,000 parts from different sources, anything can happen. New cars are not typically prone to failure but it does happen. New parts are installed, the warranty covers it and down the road, you go. Figure you will have some issues in the first 10,000 miles as parts get broken in and from then on the car should not have any issues Keep the faith! Get to know your service manager on a first name basis so you can have issues resolved in a timely manner. I wonder why it took so long to get the car out of the shop?

ghnl 11-24-2017 05:05 PM


Originally Posted by Milanoguy (Post 7935217)
... remove the personal identifying information.

Good call. I have taken the liberty of removing the attachment.

quattroporte 11-25-2017 04:50 AM

Renee sorry to hear,
it's not only Alfa that has issues, I do work for one of the largest Mercedes dealer on the east coast and when you walk in service area you are amazed of things going on, dashes out, heads off the engines and so on, friend of mine is the GM at BMW dealer and same thing going on there, to make appointment for regular maintenance is three week backup. About 10 years ago they where replacing complete engines without letting their customers know. I have a first year redesign 2014 Range Rover Sport and it just spent 3 weeks in the shop because they could not figure out why it was revving at 3500rpm at cold start up. I din't mind because they gave me a Jaguar to drive for the time.
Point being is that it's not only Alfa. When I had my 164 automatic (bought new for my wife had it for 5 years) the only thing that went wrong was the trans (not Alfa) My GTV6 never had any issues (bought new had it for 6years) Had 4 105's one 101, and one 1953 1900. My current 1972 Giulia super runs great and these older cars are easy to work on.
Hope it gets better for you.

ossodiseppia 11-25-2017 06:30 AM

It seems this guy only wants to bash the manufacturer because he's had a couple of problems with his new car. So sad.

Del 11-25-2017 10:39 AM

I can understand why he is frustrated, but he did violate the number one rule for buying a new model car. Either don't, waiting for a year or so for bugs to be eliminated or at least reduced, or be prepared to be the Beta tester for the new model, with a few unforeseen problems potentially rearing their ugly heads. I think that is a given.

Owners of anything new just have a way of discovering weird faults that the designers never imagined of, lol.

sloboy89 11-25-2017 11:54 AM

I think this is a different case than the typical "new model" from an established brand. Alfa has only one chance because the media are more than happy to bring up cliches from 40 years ago about Alfa quality and reliability. If the Giulia and Stelvio aren't ready to compete with the German brands now, there won't be a future for Alfa to get things corrected.

not2old4toys 11-25-2017 12:42 PM


Originally Posted by sloboy89 (Post 7938169)
I think this is a different case than the typical "new model" from an established brand. Alfa has only one chance because the media are more than happy to bring up cliches from 40 years ago about Alfa quality and reliability. If the Giulia and Stelvio aren't ready to compete with the German brands now, there won't be a future for Alfa to get things corrected.

Agreed. FCA doesn't t have the luxury of being almost as good as other auto manufacturers
I am enheartened that the Stelvio seems to be trouble free, so perhaps the solved problems in the Giulia can be put to good use. It would have been an asset if FCA had put the dealerships under a stand alone building. I'm not sure a Dodge/ Jeep dealership have the same concerns regarding Alfa Romeo customers.
I Wish them good fortune as they are trying to develop sales of a mainstream sedan/SUV
Cheers, Jon

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