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velocedoc 08-25-2017 11:26 PM

Giulia TI Milage & other questions
the wife and I went to the Alfa dealer tonight and test drove a new Giulia TI. Very impressive car, but being it is so new we were wondering about resale value ...but that can't be determined yet as the car is so new.

We were discussing on the way home the pros and cons of what we own vs buying a new car.

What is the expected gas mileage on the highway if you can keep your foot out of the turbo.

We were discussing the cost of service and wondering what the dealers are getting for an oil change and 1st service cost?

Hopefully the cars have worked through the check engine light/codes issues?

kuni123456 08-25-2017 11:40 PM

I recently stopped by the local Alfa dealer and looked at all of the Giulia TI and saw one Giulia QV. I told the salesman that I was interested in a Giulia QV Coupe when it arrives in the US. I know that Alfas tend to have low resale value in the past except for the 8C and some people are looking to buy used Giulia cars. I think that you can lease a car for less compared to a purchase, but you have to turn in the car at then end of the lease. I prefer to buy a new car and keep it for many years. I also realize that I probably have less than twenty years left to drive a car due to my age and owning a car forever is not a priority.

Michael Smith 08-26-2017 07:04 PM

Resale values for all cars converge at about six years of age.

Worrying about resale values simply indicates you may be buying a car you do not like.

The 164 was impossible to sell or trade in until it was more than six years old by which time I no longer wanted to sell it.

I still have it. Since 1997 the only car that comes close to the driving experience delivered by the 164 is the new Giulia.

That should answer your question nicely.

PS fuel economy is irrelevant for cars in this price range but since you ask these modern direct injection turbo engines deliver incredible fuel economy as long as you don't drive them as they are intended to be driven. Remember that air develops zero power. Only burning fuel gets you anywhere. The faster you go the more fuel you burn, engine size has no effect on this truism.

velocedoc 08-26-2017 09:30 PM

I am like Michael in the same respect that this very well could be my last Alfa. Test driving the new Stelvio and Giulia last night was a trip down memory lane when I bought my 71 GTV off the show room floor. My son now has my 1750 GTv.
EPA says that the car should get 28 on the highway. I asked the question as My Acura RL gets 28 consistently as an average. So to get the same or better is a good thing for me as we put 25,000 -30,000 miles a year on a vehicle. *we love long trips* One just has to keep the boost at a minimum to get good mileage. Our Acura has 215,000 great miles and it will take a great car for us to consider what to replace it with and Alfa Romeo is our first choice.
Yes, we are not really that concerned about the value of a car in a few years, just what it will cost to keep up the maintenance.
For us, the discussion was about which way to go for the money spent. That hasn't been decided and we will have to read up on the brochures for each and make a decision which car we will have for at least 5 or more years. Right now it is a toss up.

alfamale44 09-03-2017 09:52 PM

I get am getting nearly 27mpg and that's with about 80% stop and go and I got 37mpg on my last 100 mile highway jaunt at 75mph in my Ti.

Sune Karlsson 09-04-2017 04:08 AM

Veloce (TI with four wheel drive which presumably adds a bit to the fuel consumption):

Drive to work, ~3 miles with cold start, "small city traffic", 23 mpg.
Reasonably spirited highway driving, 38 mpg.
Average for me so far, 28 mpg.

Michael Smith 09-04-2017 07:43 AM

These are excellent fuel economy numbers for a car this size capable of 0-60 in the five second range. These are very quick cars equipped with only 2.0 litre engines.

Just btw the awd does not affect fuel economy very much. It adds about 200 lbs of weight is all. For most of the time you are driving these ZF awd systems only the rear wheels are driven. Unless you drive very aggressively in the wet or in winter conditions or on gravel roads the awd system is idle. Awd is ideal for Sweden I should think, in preference to rwd only.

My advice is not to buy the awd version unless you frequently drive in severe winter conditions. I have owned a rwd Jaguar XF and now an awd Jaguar XF and can verify that the awd is only useful in very slippery conditions. Certainly don't be fooled into thinking awd is a substitute for snow tires.

Canadian dealers have wisely decided to import only awd versions, even the QF model, but for California that would be unwise in my view.

alfamale44 09-04-2017 02:48 PM

BTW my fuel numbers were obtained with a Q4, in Colorado.

Racer Z 09-05-2017 07:56 AM

Resale values: I don't plan on ever selling my Ti or my 4C. That will be the problem of my heirs and by then they might be even more valuable. The 4C for sure.

Oil change: I've had the oil change twice now in our Ti. $200.00 This number is largely independent from one dealer to the next. I had the oil changed at 500 miles and again at 10,000 miles.

Fuel consumption: We put 9,000 miles on by driving to Maine and back. Home is Los Angeles. The car claimed 35 to 37 MPG while east bound (wind at our back). The car claimed 28-29 west bound (into the wind). This was all highway sitting on 80 mph (legal in some states). I don't have an actual yet. I need to calculate the notes still. The car reset itself when we got into New York so I don't have a trip total now.

Our trip was flawless. The car, 2017 Giulia Ti Q2 (yes, LSD) is three months old. The 10,000 mile service included seven (7) updates, RRT, not TSB. An RRT has a higher priority and done no matter what. TSB only gets done when the customer complains about a problem. The RRT smoothed out a few things, most notably a rough idle while cold.

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