2006 Ford BF FPV F6 Typhoon
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Vehicle Name
Year 2006
Make Ford
Model BF FPV F6 Typhoon
Color Silver
2006 Ford BF FPV F6 Typhoon
2006 Ford BF FPV F6 Typhoon
History For Non-Aussies.
Ford Australia's hot rod arm FPV (Ford Performance Vehicles) gave the Falcon XR6 Turbo some added beans and called it the F6 Typhoon.
Unfortunately the turbo cars (XR6 Turbo and F6) weren't allowed to out grunt the V8 cars (XR8 and GT-P), so were never really given their head.
The turbo cars had 245Kw and 270Kw respectively. And the V8s had 260Kw and 290Kw respectively.
In reality the turbo cars should have started life with 300Kw from the XR6 Turbo and the hot rod F6 should of had 400+Kw.............
But it's the torque that this thing has. 550Nm at 2000RPM and that's held to 4250RPM. The GT-P doesn't ever make that much torque (520Nm) and it makes at 4500RPM.

All of this is packaged inside a decent chassis, with some very well designed multi-link suspension (no cheap ***** McPherson struts here) at the front and Ford Aus 'Control Blade' (again multi-link) rear suspension.
Some 4 piston Brembo calipers at the front on bigger rotors. And a neat body kit that distinguishes the F6 from the XR6 Turbo.


In-Car Entertainment

Under the Hood
2006 Ford BF FPV F6 Typhoon Under the Hood
4 litre, dual continuously variable valve timing, 24 valve, turbo charged straight 6.
The basic bottom end architecture harks back to the time of the dinosaurs, but they do alright. ;-)
VERY under tuned and easily upgraded. Unfortunately the BA/BF models used an inlet manifold very similar to the NA engines, but with the dual length butterflies removed. This kept the throttle body pointing over the top of the engine and so the post intercooler plumbing goes over the exhaust manifold..........
Similar to the air feed for the turbo, due to the Falcon having it air filter on the left hand side of the car.
The FG (followed the BF) cars had a much simpler and compact inlet manifold that let the intercooler plumbing avoid going over the exhaust manifold.

Lowered, FPV dampers.
Super Pro upgraded, adjustable Anti-roll bars.

Wheel and Tire
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